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WebStorm creates new angular project in older version

Not sure what I am doing wrong here. In WebStorm 2021.3, macOS 12.0.1, I’m running a new project wizard for Angular CLI Even though WebStorm clearly shows v13.0.4 of ng package, the created version has Angular 11.x.x installed. node.js is running under nvm. I also double-checked the cli version factually installed at npm root -g […]

By user776686
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JetBrains WebStorm Inspection stops working with certain cases

I’m using the WebStorm IDE by JetBrains to develop an Angular/Typescript project. I realized that after some change to my code the inspection results aren’t refreshing anymore. And to make matters worse, I couldn’t commit/push my changes to the VCS (git). Here’s part of the file that seemed to cause the problem: // some code […]

PhpStorm: Unresolved pipe uppercase and unrecognized router-outlet

I got some problems with PhpStorm. 1: The pipe uppercase is unresolved and 2: is not recognised either. What can be done about it? Maybe someone knows how to make this work in either PhpStorm or WebStorm? Source: Angular Questions

By Josef Lundstr m
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Unresolved variables/functions in angular template using webstorm

I use webstorm to develop in angular. Recently I switched from the single project model to the multi project model proposed by angular, so I ended up with a structure such as the following: my-solution dist node_modules projects my-project my-library [multiple config files] In my tsconfig.json file I have the following aliases "paths": { "my-library": […]

By Lou-Th o
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Webstorm Angular 13 async pipe: Missing require() statement

After updating to Angular 13, in my Webstorm the async pipe turned red with the message Missing require() statement. Also, all directives turned with a warning like No directive is matched on attribute ngIf I’ve installed again, restarted Webstorm, and nothing. I have WebStorm 2021.2.2 Note that compilation works fine, project works fine, I’m […]

By Mihai Marinescu
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Pass JSON Object with REST

I have a rest-api-service with the following call to a REST method that returns a very complex JSON object in the body of its response: getLocalObjectsFromREST(): Observable<LocalObjects> { return this.http.get<LocalObjects>(this.apiURL + ‘/api/GetLocalObjects’) .pipe( retry(1), catchError(this.handleError) ) } handleError(error: { error: { message: string; }; status: any; message: any; }) { let errorMessage = ”; if(error.error […]

By Ken Tola
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I Cannot Get Dropped Event to Work in WebStorm Angular Material Project

While I have been programming since 1991 (yes I am THAT old), this is my first dive into Angular and I am attempting to use WebStorm 2021.2.3 to create a frontend restful interface. The end result, eventually, will be draggable images of desktop/server icons with a menu on each that enables additional actions along with […]

By Ken Tola
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How do I debug angular server side code in vscode or webstorm

Angular server side code is throwing errors and its hard to figure out what is causing the error. I boiled it down to two routes that were causing the error, but before I strip the routes to the barebones and recheck, I just wanted to see if I can put some breakpoints on main.js to […]

How to get suggestions for SCSS generated class names in WebStorm?

I am using scss for my angular project. I have found that I can do something like this. The scss would generate many classes for me use like .font-size-8, .font-size-10, .font-weight-200, .font-weight-500 etc… Which is a lifesaver because I don’t have manually write all the classes. But, I can’t get the class names as suggestions […]

By Anup K Tarafder
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ESLint: Cannot start language service process / problem with HLS .ts extension

IMPORTANT: Please see UPDATE EDIT below which provides vital info I keep getting this error showing in WebStorm 2021.2.2 (and other recent version) when using Angular: ESLint: Cannot start language service process See screenshot below All .ts files report a similar error: ESLint: Can not get result from language service I tried to reproduce the […]

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