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Ionic/Angular page not update

I use Ionic 5 and angular .My page bind to an object((Person)).when I select data from websql my object is update but page is not update until I click menu or other control //this code is in my component in the click button //jsonData initial jsonData[“SelectFunctionInSuccess”] = (result)=>{ this.Person.Id = result[0].Id; this.Person.Code = result[0].Code; this.Person.Name […]

By Hasan
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How to fix "Cannot read property of undefined" Angular/Ionic?

I am new in ionic and I working on an ongoing project. I am getting undefined this.variable name. If anyone knows the exact issue then please guide me where I am wrong. I know it’s a very silly mistake done by me. Declare variable here export class ListPage implements OnInit, OnDestroy { public guideCategory: GuideCategoryModel; […]

By Robin Singh
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Ionic, read the Web SQL storage with javascript

I’m doing a migration to a new indexedDB database name. I manage to read data from the older one and transfer them to the newest but I realized that, on former version of Ionic, the @ionic/storage did store the data into the Web SQL database. I’m trying to retrieve those data but I cannot make […]

By Rapha l Balet
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