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How to Configure Visual Studio to Build Angular project as well as part of Build

Every time we need to goto ClientApp folder and type npm install manually. But in different projects – Visual Studio template project it this build happens out of box. What configuration are required? What I tried: I did install following nuget package: But id didn’t help either. <PackageReference Include="Microsoft.TypeScript.MSBuild" Version="4.5.3"> Source: Angular Questions

By Abhijeet
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ERROR Error: Cannot find control with name: ‘projectAddItem’

I am facing this error when I add item and add in the project code This is the error showing at line 87 on my html page <div *ngIf="!ls.internalId" class="form-control col-sm-10 text-left ng-autocomplete" > <ng-autocomplete formControlName="projectAddItem" class="col-sm-12 form-control " style="height: 25px !important" [data]="proejctCodeFilter$" [searchKeyword]="’projectCode’" placeHolder="Enter 2 characters at least to retrieve Project Code." (selected)=’aiselectEvent($event)’ (inputCleared) […]

By Ambuj Pandey
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How can we build pure Angular application using visual studio?

I want to add a pure angular project In the visual studio and build it. If I try with Asp.NET core With Angular template then it is adding back end c# files also. But I need to keep only angular-related files and build them. Why do I need this strange setup? Ans – In my […]

By saravana manikandan
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Cannot Compile Angular 13 App. Thousands of node_module errors

I have literally thousands of errors being thrown by Visual Studio 2022 from the node_modules folder. I cannot figure out what I did to cause this to happen as the project was compiling in VS just fine about an hour ago. ng build has no issues compiling and serving the project but I would like […]

By TopBanana9000
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I have created an ASP.NET Core Web API with Visual Studio but the front-end is in Angular. How can I configure it?

The problem is how I can configure the Angular application while my backend work which is an ASP.NET Core Web API, created in Visual Studio and the frontend is Angular created in Visual Studio Code and just want to run the application but don’t know how. Source: Angular Questions

Trying to create my first Angular project using Visual Studio 2022

I have installed npm and Angular CLI, which created the package.json file in folder "C:Usersmeastsourcereposangularproject1". However, when I try to create a new Angular project in Visual Studio I keep getting the error "Could not find file C:Usersmeastsourcerepos*angularproject2*package.json", or when I try to extend the project I get "Could not find file C:Usersmeastsourcerepos*angularproject1*package.json" even though […]

By Michael Easterbrook
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How to remove deleted file from git-lens Vs code

How can I removed these deleted files from git lens using vs code Source: Angular Questions

Angular and .Net Core Project VS 2022: An unhandled exception occurred: Project ‘LeonAppDataRoamingASP.NEThttps<projectName>.pem’ does not exist

Hello I am building an Angular/.Net Core project and creating the projects by following Microsoft’s suggestion, I created one on my laptop which starts without a problem and one on my PC which fails. The key difference and what I suspect to be the problem is that my username on my PC has a […]

By eleon
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How to include JavaScript sources in startup.cs of AspNetCore?

Is there an easy way to reference JS sources from a JS project that has "JSProj/src/main.js" , "JSProj/package.json" to run at "AspNetCoreProj/startup.cs"? So that when the asp is run, my controller from "AspNetCoreProj/Controllers/MyController.cs" binds to (launchSettings.json) "applicationUrl": "http://localhost:44709", "sslPort": 46367 AND the front-end JS App is run at, let’s say, http://localhost:8080 at the same time? […]

i am new in programming here and i am having this issue in my VS code

about_Execution_Policies at https:/ At line:1 char:1 ng serve ~~ CategoryInfo : SecurityError: (:) [], PSSecurityException FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnauthorizedAccess Source: AngularJS Questions

By Zinnjer
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