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Best UI Grid compatible with both .Net Web APP and Angular?

I need a best UI grid (preferably open source) with following required features list Required Features are: Add/remove columns (total columns are 15-20 with responsive design) Export to csv, pdf, excel, png, etc Column level Search, sort, pagination. Each row must be clickable with easy to edit UI. Should be able load 1 million or […]

Angular – Different template structure on specific page

I’m all new to Angular, and im currently trying to build a frontend, while learning to use Angular. I have build a test-app where i am implementing authentication using an API i have writting. The authentication works fine, however i an strugling wrapping my head around how to implement a specific functionallity. Almost all of […]

By Glacierdk
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Angular managing state of nested components

Using Angular 11, I am trying to build something similar to what Google Admin console uses for editing different parts of a form. I call it inline-editing. I have the basic functionality working, but I am trying to figure out how to handle only opening up one "editor" at a time. If I am editing […]

By amcardwell
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Ngx Bootstrap Elements Not Showing

I have add Ngx Bootstrap to my angular project. After that I have create module called UI Elements. ui-elements.module.ts import { NgModule } from ‘@angular/core’; import { TooltipModule } from ‘ngx-bootstrap/tooltip’; import { BsDatepickerModule } from ‘ngx-bootstrap/datepicker’; @NgModule({ imports: [ BsDatepickerModule.forRoot(), TooltipModule.forRoot() ] }) export class UiElementsModule { } After that I have import above […]

How to display a submenu in the fotter toolbar in Ionic?

So im starting using ionic with angular and i need some help to achieve this. I can imagine the possible solution but i cant write it the logic of the code. In my head is like i can use tabs and then in the tabs in ion tab button use an event click and display […]

I have a value like this ‘John_6_all’ I just want John out of it , how to get only john? [closed]

I have a value like this ‘John_6_all’ , I just want John out of it , how to get only John out of that ? I tried split , but it is splitting every single thing Source: Angular Questions

Choosing between JS Web and .NET Desktop UI

I’m currently looking for a technology to build a stock trading terminal. UI is going to be very complex and heavy. There is 2 possible options I’m considering: -.NET Desktop App (WPF) -Web App (Angular JS) Is it possible to build such a complex UI with Angular? There is going to be a lot of […]

By Andrei Siianko
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How to create a photo grid like Facebook post in Angular?

I want to create dynamic image display photo grid like Facebook post. Here is the sample which I am trying to achieve. I want to know any solution to achieve this type of image grid. Also when there is only 1 image then it should display as a full image same like Facebook. Is there […]

By shehan96
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How to do connected box designs in Angular

How to do connected box designs in Angular. I want to created Angular page with connected boxes designs I want something like below screen shot . what kind of chart is this. kindly help. Source: Angular Material Quesions

Angular 4 to 12 Upgrade recommendation

I want to update angular 4 to 12. I have gone through below website and check. if anyone have any better suggestions, It would be really good and helpful. Source: Angular Questions

By Rishabh Shah
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