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URL building in angular

My backend accepts http://url/api/rooms?ids=1&ids=2&ids=3&ids=4 and I’m trying to do a URL builder. My attempt is below but it ignores the rest of the parameters. deleteRoom(ids: number[]) { console.log(ids); let params = new HttpParams(); for (var id of ids) { params = params.set(‘ids’, id); } console.log(`${this.actionUrl}?${params.toString()}`); return this.httpClient.delete(`${this.actionUrl}?${params.toString()}`); } Source: Angular Questions

By nop
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How can I remove #! in angularjs?

I want to remove #! from url and I used : $locationProvider.html5Mode(true);$locationProvider.hashPrefix(‘/’);$urlRouterProvider.otherwise(‘/login’);$stateProvider.state(‘login’, { url: ‘/login’, templateUrl: ‘ebanking/views/login.html’, controller: ‘LoginCtrl’, controllerAs: ‘ctrl’, data: { bodyClass: ‘background-1’ }}) I add in the "index.html" page the base tag <base href="/"> But the page always remains blank should what I do for this? Source: AngularJS Questions

By kh hr
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How can I implement copy url on button click in angular?

<div class="col-md-12"> <div class="form-group"> {{‘AUTHENTICATION_CONFIGURATION.URL’ | translate}} {{URL}} –> </div> </div> Source: Angular Questions

By Anisa Shaikh
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Can the google crawler detect an url state change made by my angular app?

Say I have an angular app that defines the following path. { path: ‘:lang/journal/:id/:title’, component: JournalComponent, runGuardsAndResolvers: ‘always’, resolve: {journalOverview: JournalOverviewResolver} }, The resolver JournalOverviewResolver makes a request for the page details. This http request really only needs the :id url parameter to get the desired response. This means that visiting the url: will […]

By Maurice
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How can i create SEO ready URL and routing in Angular 12?

How can I create SEO ready URL and routing in Angular 12? What am I now using? app-routing.module.ts const routes: Routes = [ { path: ”, component: MainComponent }, { path: ‘product’, component: ProductsComponent}, { path: ‘contact’, component: ContactComponent }, { path: ‘product/:id’, component: SingleproductComponent }, { path: ‘cart’, component: CartpageComponent }, { path: ‘checkout’, […]

By Taba
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Named router outlet match but remain empty

I’m trying to get this kind of url http://localhost:4200/#/journey/(list//side:filters) But today, the only solution I find is to add a ‘path’ in the first route of my component container. So i get this url http://localhost:4200/#/journey/content/(create//side:empty), with this code: app.routing.ts const appRoutes: Routes = [ { path: ‘login’, data: {preload: true}, loadChildren: () => import(‘./modules/login/login.module’).then((m: {LoginModule: […]

By C dric Sala n
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When is it unsafe to use data url in webpage iframe, embed, or object?

I’m assuming it’s always unsafe when the data url is provided by a user or via some other method that would allow it to come from an outside resource, but what about when I know the data originates from my known resource that is trusted? Are data urls just always unsafe? Are there times that […]

By jake
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URL Masking in Angular 12

In Angular URLs, users can easily see the controller’s name and the routing path. Ex: localhost:4200/Product/Category How can a URL can I hide that and get a dynamic URL like localhost:4200/AOaemvL0iJkx0Gsb7aMGy7oEP013WAeLog%3A1636097188967 Source: Angular Questions

By Zulfikar Badurdeen
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Get info from Angular applications URL

The app that I’m building, let’s call it app1, is being opened from app2. App1 url is http://app1Url:100. App1 needs to send info in the form of a number and that number is then used by app1 to do some tasks. So, I want app1 to be called like http://app1Url:100/ ( is always different), so […]

By OmarLittle
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Build Product Page out of Array

Is it possible to build a Page for a product out of an Array so I dont have to build a page for every single product. The Framework is Angular. Source: Angular Questions

By shouyou17
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