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Angular routing not working when trying to open an URL with query parameters in it in a new tab

What do I wanna do? I want to implement a button which opens a URL in a new Tab. The URL contains a query parameter consisting of numbers taken out of the "displayData" object. Description of the problem: I have a route which is defined like this in the app.routes.ts: { path: ‘displays/:displayIds’, loadChildren: () […]

By Ivxn18
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How do I display a router parameter in an input box in Angular?

I currently have my routes set as follows in my Angular project: const routes: Routes = [ { path: ‘defect’, component: AppComponent }, { path: ‘defect/:start’, component: DefectComponent } ]; Then in the TS of my DefectComponent I have: //route is declared in my parameters as ActivatedRoute ngOnInit(): void { let temp = this.route.snapshot.paramMap.get(‘start’); if(temp) […]

By JCrew0
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How To Hide ID From URL Path in Angular 9

Actually, I want to hide ID from the URL. I have single page design to display different kinds of category pages. For example, the industry has a single page and chemical, agriculture, food has different pages which have assigned id from DB. My URL display as http://localhost:4200/reports/20/agriculture and I want to display as http://localhost:4200/agriculture Here […]

By mishti
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How do I append a string to a URL

I am working on an Angular app and having a bit of a problem. I am trying to test my API by appending a string into a URL. It works fine when I hardcode the string into the URL but when I append it won’t work. this is a function that will get the string […]

By tushah
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How to filter items using queryParams?

I have a searching form where I want type something and return results. I used queryParams and I can get correct records but I can’t manage showing only those results. This is fragment of my component ngOnInit(): void { this.clientService.getAll() .subscribe( data => { this.clients = data; console.log("data", data); }, error => { console.log(error); }); […]

By caramel
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How to check if given url matches any existing url?

I’m trying to do searching in my angular project and I want to check f url with value which user provides matches any existing url and return those urls. this is fragment of my service.ts const baseUrl = ‘http://localhost:3000/clients’; findByName(value: any): Observable<any> { return this.http.get(`${baseUrl}?name=${value}`); } Is there any function which I can use? I […]

By caramel
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Angular : How to manage the URL of a particular tree

I have a main page of folders. Each folders contain a Todo-list, and each Todo list contains task that have their own pages. Here’s the three (below). Obviously, each folder and each task has an ID. I’m a little bit lost how to manage parameters and nested routes with angular. I was thinking about doing […]

By Paul Serre
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Make Base URL at Frontend using Javascript (development, APIs and production)

How to make base url that works with http, https, localhost, port and actual domain regardless of the development and deployment? Source: Angular Questions

By Shamsail
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Angular hide header for all following directories

I am currently hiding my header by doing the following: *ngIf="router.url != ‘/admin’ This is working as expected, the problem is… I also want to hide the header in /admin/home and others. Considering I want to hide the header on all URL’s following /admin, what would be the best approach (without having to write them […]

By Anne Pier Merkus
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Reloading an <object> html tag in AugularJS

I’m working on a web project where it requires a user to upload a pdf file, what I found was when the user deletes a file that they uploaded before and tries to upload a new file, in the preview mode it is still the deleted file that can be seen. The preview page is […]

By Francis Tricka
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