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Static Angular App calling Azure Functions. Is it a security issue?

I have a node.js app which does authentication/authorization. I have an Azure Function which accepts auth token (validates and) executes the business logic behind (exposed through CORS). I have a static website with Angular app which redirects to node.js for auth, gets the token and calls Azure function (directly) with the same. For all subsequent […]

Can’t login to Angular 10+ webapp on localhost in Incognito Mode using Keycloak OpenID logging system

When trying to log into my app while in http://localhost:4202, using Chrome/Opera/Firefox browser in Incognito Mode, I get error from my Keycloak server: Request URL: Request Method: POST Status Code: 400 Bad Request Remote Address: [SOME_IP]:443 Referrer Policy: strict-origin-when-cross-origin response is: { "error":"invalid_grant", "error_description":"Invalid refresh token" } Because payload is: grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token=undefined&client_id=TEST Pay attention to […]

OAuth2 and SSO with angular-oauth2-oidc won’t retrieve access token

here`s my problem I am trying to implement SSO and OAuth2 flow with angular-oauth2-oidc. I can get the right response (the access_token) using POSTMAN and ThunderClient (VS code), but not with Angular Here’s my configuration: authCodeFlowConfig: AuthConfig = { issuer: ‘’, loginUrl: ‘’, clientId: environment.API.CLIENT_ID, responseType: ‘code’, scope: environment.API.SCOPE, tokenEndpoint: ‘’, dummyClientSecret: environment.API.CLIENT_SECRET, redirectUri: window.location.origin, […]

Angular keycloak trying to achieve Single Sign On between two different Angular projects

Using latest angular (11), "keycloak-angular": "^8.1.0", "keycloak-js": "^10.0.2",and Using docker version of keycloak On page load, when I initialize keycloak I want to get loggedin status. I’m getting always false, even if the session is active.Both Angular projects are using same keycloak url,realm and clientid This is my initializer code: export function initializeKeycloak( keycloak: KeycloakService, […]

Integration of angular application with Pentaho Login console using Keycloak SSO SAML protocol

Currently I have implemented Pentaho BI console integration with Keycloak SSO using SAML. I have to do below integration. User will login to angular application After successful login Pentaho console link will be provided on screen to user. After clicking on pentaho console link user should get log in to pentaho using same credentials which […]

By Kiran Sadaye
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Authenticate the User from the angular app hosted in different domain

Server-1 – Hosted WebAPI in IIS with Windows Authentication (intranet). This contains the WebAPI method which returns a User JWT token (i.e Authentication will happen with NTLM) Server-2 – Hosted Angular App along with Core (this is not intranet) From the Angular app (Server-2), I want to make call to Server-1’s Authentication webAPI method […]

Angular dist couldnt be loaded in Teams with node js

i managed to create an teams app with sso. So i wanted to take this local app to an azure web app. So i started deploy my angular frontend from my node js backend like following: app.get(‘*’, function(req, res) { res.sendFile(__dirname + ‘/dist/index.html’); // load the single view file (angular will handle the page changes […]

Angular oidc-client-js and keycloak – get SSO session max

In my Angula (11) app I’m using oidc-client. I’m using authorization code flow (with pixie) to authenticate with Keycloak. While to token gets renewed every period of time (f.e. every 30 minutes), the SSO max session is set to a few hours. (let’s say 10 hours). If user gets to time limit of SSO session, […]

Using oauth and openid connect with okta as IDP to authenticate and authorize angular and .Net core 3.1 application

This question is somewhat similar to this one – Using oauth to authenticate and authorize angular and .Net core application I am looking for a working prototype for this. My idea is the same as suggested by Matt in that post, to keep them hosted at the same place, so I need my API to […]

SAML Based SSO between Angular App and Another Java/Servlet/JSP App

I have a scenario where User Login and Credentials are maintained in a Client-side IDP. And as a Service provider, we have 2 Web Applications. App-1: Developed in Angular 9 App-2: It’s a COTS Product where the Web Application is a Servlet JSP App running on WebSphere Application Server. Now, the Second App does not […]

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