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How to make GET request before SSR Angular Universal rendering?

I have a project which is a kind of construtor for web-sites. It has constructor part and rendering part. So the idea is to build dynamically a web-site with the rest of SEO information. I divided my app for 2 parts: /constructor, and /:slug Basically, when user enters :slug info, then request with the all […]

Getting Error – Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 () for server side rendering of angular app through aws lambda

I have implemented SSR for an angular app with Angular universal and Aws lambda. The HTML content is loaded but the static files are not rendering. HTML content Error Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 () When i try to indvidually access the js file i get {message:forbidden} enter […]

Angular Universal with .netCore Web Api integration

I have a .net5 WebApi that serves an Angular 12 application (created separately) as static files, I want to improve its performance with server-side rendering provided by Angular Universal, my app is published with Heroku. I can’t find an approach to achieve that? Source: Angular Questions

By hola
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SSR and localization

I ran into a problem that I have never faced before developing a PWA with translations. I state that I have always and only developed multilingual applications in Vue, React, Angular, and at the moment I am using Svelte. I have always used simple practices, translation with a json dictionary and sending the Lang variable […]

Enable Server Side Rending in a client-side app

I am looking for a framework that can convert a Client rendered app into a Server side rendered app without any changes to the code. Consider how VDI/RDP works, the browser sites on the VDI, and the image streams back to the client through an RDP session. What if this could be applied to the […]

Handling enviroment variables in SSR with Angular Universal

I’m applying SSR to a pre-exiting Angular project. In the previous Clinet Side Rendering CSR implementation, I used the global variable window to handle ENV VARS for one build – multiple deployments CI/CD purposes following this article. I tried using a custom service to pass the env vars to app.modules.ts using the APP_INITIALIZER with no […]

Upgrade to Angular 9 white screen when navigating to build

I recently upgraded angular from 8 to 9 and everything works when using ng serve. When building my project it builds fine without any errors. Once I serve it and navigate to localhost:4000 all I get back is a white page. I don’t see any errors in my console or any warnings. If I type […]

By Malstar
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Resource handler returned message: "Function creation failed because the function already exists"

I’m getting " Resource handler returned message: "Function creation failed because the function already exists" error when deploying angular SSR with AWS lambda. When I open the cloudformation stack, it shows roll_back_update_complete cloudformation error. Can someone please help with this issue? Source: Angular Questions

Angular SSR deployment using lambda

This is my first time trying to deploy angular universal on lambda. I have installed angular universal and below is my serverless.yml file service: ssrserverless-angular plugins: – serverless-apigw-binary provider: name: aws runtime: nodejs12.x memorySize: 192 timeout: 10 stage: production package: exclude: – src/** – node_modules/** – e2e/** – coverage/** ##- ‘!src/assets/**’ – ‘!node_modules/aws-serverless-express/**’ – ‘!node_modules/binary-case/**’ […]

Angular Server-side Rendering: Router-outlet doesn’t render HTML from lazy loading pages

In SPA (Angular) I’m placing all page components inside PagesComponent app/pages. For example: homepage is in app/pages/home, news are in app/pages/news. Routes are working with lazy load. Until this point everything works fine. However, when I try to apply Server-side Rendering (Angular Universal) router-outlet from pages.component.html doesn’t render anything. The only way to make SSR […]

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