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lazy load a module in Angular

Can search engines read the content of our component if we lazy load its module with ngx-loadable in Angular? Source: Angular Questions

By yasaman ghasedian
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How to remove or edit "Ionic APP" from below website link on search engines?

I have a website built with ionic 4 and angular but for some reason when I search it on google "Ionic APP" is written below the link. I have edited everything I thought could affect it such as index.html header tag title tag. I have also personalized my own meta description tag. Despite everything I […]

By lionmo
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programmable search engine json Api

I am currently developing a program that uses the JSON Api of Google’s programmable search engine. Everything works fine, I also get the desired results, unfortunately the first 10. I’ve no idea, how i can use the nextPage option. Has someone a code example for unsing the nextPage Option? Source: Angular Questions

By Uwe
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why is Google programmable search engine not displaying on Angular

I am working on an Angular application and I want to use Google’s programmable search engine in /shopping section. I have included the script tag in my index.html file. The following is the html for my shopping-list.compononent.ts which is on the route of /shopping <div class="jumbotron"> <div class="container-fluid"> <h1 class="display-4"><span><img src="assets/undraw_empty_cart.svg" alt="Card thumbnail" style="width: 1.5em; […]

By shiladitya basu
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