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Angular Child Routes Navigable without Parent Route

I have some routes in an Angular 13 app which load other modules that contain a number of child routes. My routing is set up in each module: @NgModule({ declarations: [DashboardComponent], imports: [RouterModule.forChild(childRoutes)]}) export class ChildModule{} export const childRoutes = [ {path: ‘dashboard’, component: DashboardComponent}, {path: ‘reports’, component: ReportsComponent}]; My parent module lazy loads the […]

By Molloch
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Prototype App of construction site manager. How to program the routing with two static email and passwords

so basically I have to program an Prototype of an Construction Site Manager Application and one main part is, that there are User Roles. There should be an Admin with one subaccount. Basically i dont have to program the registration, but I need to have an login. So that’s my question, I have an email […]

Angular 11 catch direct requests to backend API

I create a site based on angular 11 with .net core. In my solution I created some controller, and want to call it not from angular component or service, but directly, from browser or different service. And in that case, angular catch request, looks for relevant component on it’s routes and shows "page not found" […]

By AntonGo
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How to implement basic angular-like routing in plain javascript

I want to write a simple javascript implementation of Angular-like routing, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Let’s say I have an Index page and I’d like to navigate to Index/2 by a means of <a href="Index/2">Navigate Like in Angular</a> , yet prevent the request being sent to the server and instead […]

Angular 12 sub routes 404 loosing context on refresh

I am having problem with angular 12 sub routes. I can navigate to the sub routes just fine but when I refresh the page I lose context. I am running it locally on the localhost:4200 here is the image of what I am getting in network tab and on the screen when I refresh enter […]

Why does my angular routing shows blank page?

app-module [enter image description here][1] app-routing [enter image description here][2] browser [enter image description here][3] [1]: [2]: [3]: Source: Angular Questions

By Abdul zany
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Angular routing for prefix with route parameter

I want to implement the user profile page. It would be simple to just use the /profile/user123 path using: app-routing.module { path: ‘profile’, loadChildren: () => import(‘./modules/profile/profile.module’).then(m => m.ProfileModule) }, profile-routing.module { path: ‘:username’, component: ProfileComponent }, however, I want to do some fancy URL like /@user123. Unfortunately, I did not find any clues on […]

By Tomas Lukac
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Remove # in url

I use angularjs 1.6 to develop my application I try to delete # in url I activate html5mode equal to true and base tag "/" but I cannot open the application and the blank page Source: AngularJS Questions

By kh hr
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angular 11 routing problem in lazy loaded module

information: my project has a modules folder contain ten feature modules with lazy loading routing and every feature modules has several sub module. problem: when the code navigate to some feature modules everything is ok but when I refresh page or manually navigate to that URL, it run target feature module for a moment then […]

By hassan yousefi
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Rewrite Values in Jetty 9

I have deployed my angular application on Jetty Server. My redirection of url is failing. In angular I have used PathLocationStragey. I am hitting the urls of my application https://hostname/webdb/services/v5/search –> returning 404. where my index.html has <base href="/webdb/"> Similiar problem (Deep linking issue" is solved in Tomcat following But the rewrite configurations in […]

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