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Wrong styles.css path after live reload

I have a little (maybe big) problem with an angular application when hot reload hits First time the application loads the correct resources with the correct path are loaded : http://localhost:4200/styles.css http://localhost:4200/styles.js …. When I edit a component say for example ‘VoiceComponent‘ and the current link is http://localhost:4200/voices/ the application will reload but the resources […]

By mkoutar
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How-to ignore directories for live reload in Angular 12

My angular app saves files via a webservice to a resource directory that is located inside the project folder of the app. The reason for this storage location is, that I want these files to be included in the git repo of the app. Whenever I trigger a save operation, the contents of the resource […]

By KarstenG
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How to do Empty Cache and Hard Reload from js in Angular?

When I publish updates of my application I wish to be sure that all files .js, .png and so on will be downloaded with status 200, not 304. I tried to use this method: window.location.reload(true); But after it one can see that some files are still downloaded with 304 status. How to do Empty Cache […]

By mr blond
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How to redirect page before page is fully reload?

I know there are similar questions, but none answers to this specific case. I need to redirect to / after reload happens, but for my case, when each reload happens the page goes through authentication/authorization process (checks for permissions) and then it comes to my page. After this long process happens, it simply shows the […]

By Jonathan Samson
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How to force reload and clear cache in Typescript?

it recently came to my attention that simply using window.location.reload() is not a hard refresh i.e. cache is cleared along with the refresh. I was then told to use window.location.reload(true) but I discovered this has since been deprecated. I am not sure how to determine whether or not the cache has been cleared, so I […]

By Trey Aesthetics
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Angular – reload page when tab is selected?

Is there a way to trigger a function to reload the page when the user clicks the browser tab of my Angular app? I believe this would be done with window.location.reload(), but I’m not sure how to make this line be triggered on tab selection. I’m thinking this could be done by making the body/html […]

By cfoxy17
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how to reload app.component.ts in ionic 4 on event in pages?

I’m stuck with the following problem. app.component.ts is not listening to the eventwhen it is firing on a particular page. I want to reload my app. component.ts as I want to show a different side menu when a user is logged in. Source: Angular Questions

By dhasharath yadav
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Angular: Best practice to hold data on reload in dumb component?

the following setup is given: I have a simple master detail pattern. The master component pulls data from a REST API and passes the result to a detail component via input decorator. If I reload the detail component, I lose all the data and end up with a content-empty page. It seems wrong to me […]

By user src
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Reloading data after rerouting in Angular

I have created two separate Angular components: PostList and PostCreate. PostCreate is for creating a new post and PostList is for retrieving posts from the database and displaying all them. After I press the button for creating a post in the PostCreateComponent I am being redirected to my PostList component and I want to see […]

By Alessia
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How do I reload data after deletion?

I have created some posts in my app as html cards. I have a component called PostList, where I am displaying all these cards. On every card I have a delete button to delete that specific card, which works, but after I delete one card, it doesn’t disappear from my post list until I manually […]

By Alessia
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