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window.location.reload() only refresh the home page, Why it does not refresh the other pages specifically using angular?

When I navigate from the home page to the menu page, the menu page should refresh once automatically after the navigation, but when I used the following codes, it refreshes the home page and then navigating to the menu page, where the menu page is not refreshed automatically 1)First Method: this.router.navigate([`locations/${locationId}/menu`]) .then(() => { window.location.reload(); […]

How to force reload and clear cache in Typescript?

it recently came to my attention that simply using window.location.reload() is not a hard refresh i.e. cache is cleared along with the refresh. I was then told to use window.location.reload(true) but I discovered this has since been deprecated. I am not sure how to determine whether or not the cache has been cleared, so I […]

By Trey Aesthetics
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How to refresh dataTable after closing a popup

I have tried to refresh my table after adding a new articles to it using a popup but my code doesn’t do what I need to, it work normally but without refreshing my table this my createModal function createModal(){ const modalRef =,{ size: ‘lg’ }); // = undefined; modalRef.result.then(() =>{ this.tournee = this.creationTourneeService.getTournee(); this.changeDetectorRef.detectChanges(); […]

How to refresh my DataTable after closing popup [closed]

I want to update my table after closing a modal but it doesn’t work. This is my function in TypeScript: createModal(){ const modalRef =,{ size: ‘lg’ }); modalRef.result.then(() =>{ this.tournee = this.creationTourneeService.getTournee(), this.changeDetectorRef.detectChanges(); () => { } } ); } Source: Angular Questions

Angular Refreshed all components when using RouterReuseStrategy and dynamic routing together

Angular version 9.1.12. I changed the routing config at the end of loading route config(RouteConfigLoadEnd event), code is like this: if (routerEvent instanceof RouteConfigLoadEnd) { let route = (this.router.config[0] as any)._loadedConfig.routes[0]; if (!route.children) { route.children = []; } if ( === ‘EntranceComponent’) { if (route.children.length < 1) { route.children.push({path: ‘ttt’, loadChildren: () => import(‘./entrance2/entrance2.module’).then(m => […]

Angular: Best practice to hold data on reload in dumb component?

the following setup is given: I have a simple master detail pattern. The master component pulls data from a REST API and passes the result to a detail component via input decorator. If I reload the detail component, I lose all the data and end up with a content-empty page. It seems wrong to me […]

By user src
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Faster reload of components in Angular

I have created two Angular components: one for creating a new post and one for displaying all posts. After I press the button for creating a post I am being redirected to my PostList component, where all my posts are displayed. I used window.location.href, so that the PostList page can reload automatically, so that the […]

By Alessia
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Angular Observable data lost on refresh ,is there way to save data even after refresh

I am using BehaviourSubject from Shared Service whenever I refresh the page I am getting null as a response, it loses the last emit event data Source: Angular Questions

By Ashish Yadhuvanshi
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is there any way to call an async function before the page reload in angular project?

I need to call an async function when the user clicks on f5 or the browser reload. I already tried using 1- window:beforelolad but it doesn’t work with the browser reload button also cannot catch confirm value if it is yes or no. 2- tried navigation start and I can check the reload after the […]

By Mohamed Attia
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In Angular 10: can I refresh data from Resolver of parent route?

I have a parent route which uses a Resolver to get data. I have several children of this route. The child Components subscribe to this data in their ngOnInit() methods. ngOnInit() { .subscribe((data: { collection: DataCollection }) => { this.collection = data.collection; }); } The Resolver only runs on the first access of one […]

By blogofsongs
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