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p-tree not taking width of parent form field when placed inside overlay-panel

When we use p-tree inside overlayPanel component of primeNg.It’s not taking width of parent container (as like button). stackblitz Source: Angular Questions

By pathe kiran
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How can I enable next dropdown selection if current is selected and disable again when previous gets unselected?

I would like to be able to have four dropdown menus that behave as follows: If the current dropdown gets selected, the dropdown next will be enabled. If the current dropdown gets unselected every consecutive dropdown gets disabled Right now I’m able to enable the next dropdown upon selecting the current dropdown, as well as […]

By Diego Burela
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Primeng confirm dialog show when it shouldn’t

I have a method that checks if any property of object in array is equal to ‘not ready’. If it is it should inform user about that and ask if he still wishes to continue. If no, there is return that breaks the method and if yes, method continues and there is one more confirm […]

By Llllx
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Make p-dropdown options right aligned in primeng

I have following html code which use PrimeNG p-Dropdown component. I want to align the options to be right aligned.(Left aligned by default). Is there a way to achieve this. I tried updating the style class but no luck with that either. <div class="form-group"> <p-dropdown inputId="state" formControlName="{{demos}}" [options]="demoOptions" [styleClass]="’prm-dropdown prm-filter-dropdown’" [dropdownIcon]="’bx bxs-chevron-down’" placeholder="{{demoOptions}}" (onChange)="onValueChange(demoOptionId)"> </p-dropdown> […]

By Avilon
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PrimeNG autocomplete dropdown ngModel not working after selecting one of the option

I have this simple autoComplete component dropdown with list of location array, I have another variable named selectedLocationAdvance which bind to the ngModel, everything works but when I select one of the option, the field remains empty. HTML <p-autoComplete [(ngModel)]="selectedLocationAdvanced" [suggestions]="filteredLocations" (completeMethod)="filterLocations($event)" field="location" [dropdown]="true" formControlName="location" placeholder="Search for a location…" [style]="{‘width’:’100%’}" [inputStyle]="{‘width’:’100%’}" [multiple]="false"> <ng-template let-listLocation pTemplate="item"> […]

By Alois
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How to set onLabel and offLabel for primeng p-inputSwitch

I need to add "Yes" for On state and "No" for off state. Is there is any option available for doing this? <p-inputSwitch [(ngModel)]="cheked" name="first-chk" (onChange)="myFunction())"> </p-inputSwitch> Source: Angular Questions

By Aneesh Ajithkumar
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Angular primeNg dropdown

I have a dropdown on each line of a table row and every time I select one option from dropdown the selected value is updated with same value on rest dropdowns: my html code: <p-table….> <ng-template pTemplate="body" let-user> <tr> current user permission: {{user.Permission}} <p-dropdown [options]="PermissionOptions" [(ngModel)]="permissionVal" placeholder="change…" optionLabel="name"> </p-dropdown> </td> </tr> </ng-template> TS: interface PermissionType […]

PrimeNG chart js is not rendering

I have an issue with displaying chart-js in my angular component: the chart of type bar is not showing and I have this as html render: <div _ngcontent-tkd-c175="" class="p-col-6"> <p-chart _ngcontent-tkd-c175="" type="bar"> </p-chart></div> My module: import { NgModule } from ‘@angular/core’; import { CommonModule } from ‘@angular/common’; import {KpisComponent} from ‘./kpis.component’; import {BrowserModule} from ‘@angular/platform-browser’; […]

By C Mahfoud
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How to add a search icon in primeng autocomplete just the way google search have?

I have to add search icon to prime-ng autocomplete but unable to do that <p-autocomplete placeholder="Search" [suggestions]="items"> <p-template let-item template="item"> <div> <span>{{ item }}</span> </div> </p-template> <p-autocomplete> Source: Angular Questions

By Angular Bird
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How to display dropdown in breadcrumb with Primeng?

In primeng breadcrumbs we can display items only , is there a way to display dropdown on item when clicked ? Source: Angular Questions

By Suhail
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