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datatable primeng not refreshing ddisplay comumn after filtering

i have a problem with my datatable , i have a filter on columumns , when i filter on columns , i reorder and then i display all columns , the old filter is always applied and not display all columns , i have this problem when i have more than 5000 raws. here is […]

How to add color to a row of second table using p-table in angular?

I have a p-table and I am using it to populate contents as per requirements in two tables. I want to add color to the row of second table according to a condition if column value-suspensed is equal to T then I want to add yellow color to that row. Data-Table-Component.html- <p-contextMenu #cm [model]="items"></p-contextMenu> <p-table […]

How do I get the values of row selected when metakey selection is true in Angular

I have a primeng table. I want to get and store multiple rows selected via metakey i.e. by ctrl and shift key into an array or list. html: <p-contextMenu #cm [model]="items"></p-contextMenu> <p-table [columns]="columns" [value]="values" [(contextMenuSelection)]="selectedProduct" [contextMenu]="cm" dataKey="tradeId" [rowHover]=true [metaKeySelection]="true" selectionMode="multiple" [(selection)]="selectedProducts2" (click)="abcd($event)" (onRowSelect)="onRowSelect($event)" (onRowUnselect)="onRowUnselect($event)" > <ng-template pTemplate="header" let-columns> <tr> <th pSortableColumn *ngFor="let col of getKeys(columns)" […]

How to select multiple rows in Angular using primeng table?

I have a primeng table. I want to select multiple rows . html: <p-contextMenu #cm [model]="items"></p-contextMenu> <p-table [columns]="columns" [value]="values" [(contextMenuSelection)]="selectedProduct" [contextMenu]="cm" dataKey="tradeId" [rowHover]=true selectionMode="multiple" [(selection)]="selectedProducts2" > <ng-template pTemplate="header" let-columns> <tr> <th pSortableColumn *ngFor="let col of getKeys(columns)" pReorderableColumn pResizableColumn> {{col}} </th> </tr> </ng-template> <ng-template pTemplate="body" let-block let-columns="columns" let-rowIndex="rowIndex"> <tr [pSelectableRow]="block" [pSelectableRowIndex]="rowIndex"> <td *ngFor="let col of getKeys(columns)"> […]

Open a new primeng table on cell click of an exiting primeng table

I have a primeng table with some definite rows and columns. There are some cells which have simple edits(like numerals), some cell which are dropdowns. However the requirement is to have some particular cells which on click should open a modal table. I was thinking of embedding the p-table in a modal p-dialog with visibility […]

PrimeNG P-tableHeaderCheckbox not working on lazy-loaded grids

We are using Angular 9.1.7 with prime-ng 9.0.6. I have a table declared in the form: <p-table id="tblRequestResponse" name="tblRequestResponse" [value]="relevantDccResponses" [rows]="10" [paginator]="true" (onLazyLoad)="loadData($event)" [lazy]="true" [columns]="cols" sortField="dateTime" [pageLinks]="3" selectionMode="multiple" [sortOrder]="1" lazyLoadOnInit="false" [(selection)]="selected" [rowsPerPageOptions]="[10,25,50]" stateStorage="session" stateKey="state-relevantDccResponses" #dt> <ng-template pTemplate="header" let-columns> <tr> <th *ngIf="canBulkProcess()" style="width: 3em"> <p-tableHeaderCheckbox></p-tableHeaderCheckbox> </th>…. <ng-template pTemplate="body" let-rowData let-columns="columns"> <tr> <td *ngIf="canBulkProcess()"> <p-tableCheckbox [value]="rowData" name="bulkProcess"></p-tableCheckbox> […]

By bilpor
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Date filter with template not applying filtering (PrimeNG Table)

I’m developing a SPA with PrimeNG’s table to display records, and each column has a filter for its data. One of them is a date record, which comes as ISO string and is converted to a Date object before being fed to the table itself. I need the date format to be "dd/MM/yyyy", and by […]

PrimeNG : p-splitButton onClick event dosen’t work everytime

I am using PrimNG 9 with Angular 8, I implemented p-splitButton in the body of p-table, when I click on Edit or Delete the click sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work. Anyone can help please! (See the screen below) Source: Angular Questions

Primeng: Wrong height of table scrollbar in a dialog with table and other element

Scrollbar of table is to high when the table is in a dialog with other elements embedded. Look the examples under the following link: Does anyone have any idea how this can be corrected. Wrong: Should be like: Source: Angular Questions

By DJ Anti
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Custom sort not working after filtering in PrimeNG table

Custom sorting and filtering work fine individually, but after applying a local filter, the custom sorting doesn’t work. On printing the sorting output on the console it gives the expected output, but the same isn’t being updated on the frontend. Here is the stackblitz implementation to the issue: Source: Angular Questions

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