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Restart Angular + Node js Application on server after rebooting server

My Application developed using Angular + NodeJS APi. Recently I restart AWS EC2 instance after rebooting my application is not working. I have check all the thing but nothing happened. I have serve node application using PM2 but no Idea how to start angular distribution folder Source: Angular Questions

PM2 Stopping without Starting

I am trying to install Dspace 7.0 on my Windows Server 2012. I have successfully installed the Backend according to the documentation Now when I am installing the front end, I have installed Nodejs, Yarn, and PM2. also, yarn run build:prod seems to be successful. After I created the below file, dspace-angular.json { “apps”: [ […]

By Prabhash
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Angular Nodejs server Loading but routing not working

I have a nodejs server running a an angular app in production and the issue I am having is the routing is not working. It works perfectly fine in development but does not route when running in production with pm2. My server.js and routing.ts files are below. Let me know if anything further is needed. […]

By z123
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pm2 not found on Azure App service with Node 14 runtime

What I am trying to achieve is to deploy Angular 9 app to Azure App service with Linux OS (Windows does not suit me because Linux is cheaper) I created Linux web app with Node 14 runtime. After I deployed my app I see Azure default web page. I tried to resolve that as it […]

NGINX Angular Routing on Digital Ocean

I am having a ubuntu server on Digital ocean and I am running an app on the server. The app is an Angular 10+ app and it works fine when accessed via IP address: —> works —> works —> works but when I try to access it via domain name it does […]

By Ankit Tanna
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Why is there such a difference when running PM2 server locally in Apache vs. an Express Server?

What about running a node server vs. running a pm2 server via Apache is so different locally? For instance, I am using Angular-Universal in our application. It has its fair share of issues that aren’t solved, but it works great when serving my application locally using Express. I am successfully able to see the app […]

By Willie
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Angular how to refresh site after deploy updates?

I am using angular 10 + pwa , so everything is caching. Server works with pm2. The problem is that I update website a lot, every few days and sometimes after the update, user still sees old view in the client side which allows errors to appear. My first approach was to use angular hashing […]

By Devla
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Angular pm2 how to load outpudHashed main.8646asdasdas6d8468.js file when name changes every build?

How to load main.asdas68d4a6s8d468as4d.js file with pm2 so it would load any file like : main.asdas68d4a6s8d468as4d.js main.aaaaa64684684sasdasda.js main.xxxxx68d4a6as8d4a6ss8.js Angular build with –outputhashing=all makes main.js file name different after each build, so I have to load it everytime from different name in my server. How do I achieve this with pm2 ? Normally i just use […]

By Devla
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Angular 10 why page goes blank in server but not locally?

I have angular 10 application which I can build with command : "build:ssr-dev": "ng build –configuration staging && ng run fastparts:dev-server:development", npm run build:ssr-dev Then I can run it with : node/dist/app/server/main.js – It works. Later i deploy it to the server and do the same , but instead it shows the content for like […]

By Devla
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502 Bad Gateway while installing angular with nginx

Hi i have problem with installing angular with nginx and pm2 i think i installed all prerequisites tools to installing angular on ubuntu ec2 with nginx but i always get the error 502 bad gateway my site hierarchically : /var/www/html/myproject-angular/ inside myproject-angular directory : ar en server-ar server-ar.js server-en server-en.js inside config /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf : server […]

By angtesters
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