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Angular | Replace a service in the inner modules by a other class

Here is the full declaration of the nested module the source file we have three declared modules //BaseCoreModule @NgModule({ … import:[ … OAuthModule, // has the service that I want to replace by my own … ] … }) export class BaseCoreModule {} //RootCoreModule @NgModule({ exports: [BaseCoreModule, LocalizationModule], imports: [ BaseCoreModule,//notice … OAuthModule.forRoot(), // […]

`npm run test` failed but `ng test` run successful

I don’t know why ng test is run successful, and npm run test is failed package.json { "name": "fe-patient", "version": "0.0.1", "author": "Ionic Framework", "homepage": "", "scripts": { "commit": "git cz", "ng": "ng", "start": "ng serve", "build": "ng build", "test": "ng test", "lint": "ng lint", "e2e": "ng e2e" }, … npm run test should do […]

How to control or reduced loading time of JS files in Angular 2?

Whenever I load my website that time it takes too much time to load. I checked in browser network and found that few files take time to load and I tried to find those JS files but unable to find it in my system. inline.dd9054597bd29bcc7a43.bundle.js, polyfills.493bdd7538c4e955835c.bundle.js, vendor.d5562ce25944f1e31ca0.bundle.js, main.7d7cae6962bfd55db5f6.bundle.js, mem8YaGs126MiZpBA-UFVZ0b.woff2, How to improve their loading […]

in Node – Angular : ForbiddenError: invalid csrf token

The token is passed from the Angular application. its listing in the server but invalid error is showing. Server error and the Headers sending screenshots are attached, Server Error Angular Request Header Source: Angular Questions

By Praveen P R
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Facing some errors when integrating angular 8 application with Azure SSO

I have integrated my angular 8 application with azure SSO as there are 2 ways to integrate for sign-in with popup or redirect() I am not facing any issue with popup but when I try to integrate with redirect I am getting below error I tried searching for similar issue online to find solution but […]

By Hitesh
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Cannot find module ‘swiper/types’ Angular

I tried to follow but I got this error, I also installed npm i @types/swiper but still the same error . Here is the error ERROR in node_modules/swiper/angular/angular/src/swiper.component.d.ts:5:117 – error TS2307: Cannot find module ‘swiper/types’ or its corresponding type declarations. 5 import { SwiperOptions, SwiperEvents, NavigationOptions, PaginationOptions, ScrollbarOptions, VirtualOptions } from ‘swiper/types’; my app […]

Mat Dialog is not opening up as pop-up

I created separate HTML file for mat-dialog. Did material import but dialog is not opening up as pop-up instead its opening at bottom of page. This is dialog box html having a button to close the dialog. assignRMDialog.html <h2 mat-dialog-title>Assign RM</h2> <mat-dialog-content> <hr> <button class="btn-primary" (click)="onNoClick()" >Close</button> </mat-dialog-content> This is html page having a button […]

Running scripts on different Angular pages

I have a website built on Angular with Node on the backend. I had hoped to add scripts (like Google analytics) to different pages. But it appears if I want to a script to one page it will appear on all. You can use server-side rendering but that’s a bit over my head. Is there […]

How can I use a form that I already creaty for update a registery to a popup dialog component in Angular, NodeJs

I need to re-use a form component to update a register in a popup dialog component only using existent components to optimize my app. How can I do this? I’m dummy with Node and Angular 🙁 Mejoramiento_card.component.html <div class="card" style="background-color: ghostwhite; border: 2px solid darkgray; min-height: 280px;"> <div class="card-content"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-12"> <p> <strong>Causa […]

NG-ZORRO modal component in lazy loaded component, close button destroy event not triggered

I am using Ng-zorro to display a custom modal component inside a lazy loaded component: component used to display custom modal: showArtistModal(artist: any): void { this.modalService.create({ nzContent: ArtistModalComponent, nzComponentParams: { artist, }, nzCentered: true, // nzOnOk: () => new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, 1000)), // nzFooter: [ // { // label: ‘Close’, // shape: ’round’, // […]

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