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Angular js setup issue

iam rahim here . while setuping angularcli i encountred the following issue: ‘ng’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. C:UsersASUS ROG>ng –version ‘ng’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. here bellow it show angularcli installed but i failed to […]

By Sayyed Abdulrahim
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TS4090 Conflicting definitions for node

I currently have two repos. One that acts as the angular front end and the other a nodejs back end. The two code bases are sharing some code so I am using npm link to give access. I’m currently writing another service that will use code from the nodejs backend. After exporting the function that […]

By user187558
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npm ERR! 404 Not Found – GET – Not found

I’m trying to install npm package dependencies into my angular application and i’m getting this error. Any help to fix this? C:UsersTM161DesktopMasterstage PFESNRT-Music>npm i npm ERR! code E404 npm ERR! 404 Not Found – GET – Not found npm ERR! 404 npm ERR! 404 ‘[email protected]’ is not in the npm registry. npm ERR! 404 […]

By Abdellah AITMOMIN
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Ionic Starting new project

Hello normally I make my Ionic projects on Mac, now I’m working on a Windows PC. Node version: v14.17.4 npm version: 6.14.14 ionic version: 6.16.3 PC’s Global variable’s Path has C:UserszammlAppDataRoamingnpm along with other variables other tutorials recommended. The issue I’m getting is I can’t even get a brand new ionic project working. ionic start […]

By win4win
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How can i write a YAML file from an Electron app?

i’m new to javascript, working on an app, built on angular + nodejs + electron, i need to save data dynamically in yaml format and write it externally. how to do that? Can anybody help? Source: Angular Questions

By Suhaib
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Formatting error should fail bundling in NodeJS + ExpressJS + TSLint + Prettier

I would like to implement a feature like, if any of the file code is not formatted or not followed the standard then build has to show the errors with the line numbers, eg. Semistandard in JS. Likewise for TS. Because, team members are not formatting the code, and other developers are feeling hard to […]

Angularjs update – "@types/angular": "^1.6.50" to "@types/angular": "^1.8.2" multiple errors

I am trying to update "@types/angular" from "^1.6.50" to "^1.8.2" but I am getting lots of error while trying to run app. error TS2694: Namespace ‘angular’ has no exported member ‘translate’. node_modules/@types/angular-translate/node_modules/@types/angular/jqlite.d.ts:29:5 – error TS2375: Duplicate number index signature. 29 [index: number]: HTMLElement; node_modules/@types/angular-translate/node_modules/@types/angular/jqlite.d.ts:807:5 – error TS2717: Subsequent property declarations must have the same type. […]

By amethianil
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How to host Angular with Node js(for email and contact backend) [closed]

I have to host angular 8 with node js which having email facility. Angular and Node both have 2 different folders i.e. for frontend and backend. I am able to host Angular but unable to connect node js on hosting. I am testing in git hub. if this facility is not available please provide the […]

By Rajat Sri
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Cannot find module typescript.js after Windows restoration point. I’m triying to build my angular app

I had problems with my PC and I restored windows to and old restoration point. After this… When I try to build my Angular App I have the next error: C:UdemyAngularDeCeroAExpertoEdicion2021-paisesApp>npm run build > [email protected] build C:UdemyAngularDeCeroAExpertoEdicion2021-paisesApp > npm run config — –environment=prod && ng build –prod > [email protected] config C:UdemyAngularDeCeroAExpertoEdicion2021-paisesApp > ts-node ./src/assets/scripts/setEnv.ts "–environment=prod" […]

By xav56883728
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How to solve npm run build 137 error? Already have set 10gb

I am running npm run build to create a docker. It has –prod option. If ran without –prod it builds fine. If built with –prod it goes into 137 ENDLIFECYCLE error. Killed npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno 137 Unfortunately i can’t just remove the prod option, cos thats what works on dev machine […]

By manu muraleedharan
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