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An issue with the security headers in a Node JS application

I am facing an issue regarding setting of security headers in a Node JS application. In the project I am working upon there is a need of setting some response headers like content-security-policy, noSniff, xss-filter and hsts headers. I am setting these headers with the help of helmet package. The problem I am facing is […]

Does the this keyword in js reference the calling function or the function owner? [duplicate]

I have two functions Product and Food, the Food calls the product function passing this as an argument. I want to know if the keyword this is a reference to the function Product or the calling function Food. function Product(name, price) { = name; this.price = price; } function Food(name, price) {, name, […]

By Chinedu
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Is using an api server like rest for my backend a secure way?

Nowadays I see websites are made using a sperate api backend server which provides the data from the database called a REST API server. When I was at school they taught me how to connect to apache using php to access the database!! I was thinking is this is safe (using api)?? Like if I […]

Not Able To Access Properties And Methods After Running ‘npm install –save docx’ In Angular

I am having trouble with getting the docxjs package installed. After running npm install –save docx it gives me a bunch of depreciated warnings: npm WARN deprecated [email protected]: The querystring API is considered Legacy. new code should use the URLSearchParams API instead. npm WARN deprecated [email protected]: this library is no longer supported npm WARN deprecated […]

By Lester
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Getting the http post canceled when subscribing from a service

Stuck in this error for a week. Cannot send a simple post request to the heroku server using the Angular HttClient. Defined all the services in the provider section in the main app Module. The Error Handling service is not logging any error after sending the post request(This service works fine that i have tested […]

By Patrick Prakash
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login with facebook with client as angular and server as passport js

I want to know how my client which is angular will hit passport.authenticate(‘facebook’) at node side.I have tried using passport facebook authentication but could not get the access token or authentication from facebook. Source: AngularJS Questions

By Adeeb Zahin
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NGCC failed error in Angular 11.x app when running npm run

I have an Angular 11.x app that I run using npm run start – this has worked fine for months but all of a sudden it is no longer running the command and I am getting the following errors, can anyone suggest how I fix this? I have tried the obvious ideas of deleting node_modules […]

By Zabs
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Unable to display the images of backend on the browser

I build an eCommerce App with an admin dashboard, and I have faced an issue when adding or updating an image for every product, and can’t handle this error. the images are being stored in the database as a URL link and being stored in the uploads folder, but not being displayed in the table, […]

By Eslam Gohar
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adding user signiture to JWT

I am using Nestjs + Angular frameworks, after signing a new JWT and send to the frontend , the user can copy the token and reuse it in a new device how can I add a signature to that token to only work on that browser or device, also how to hide that token from […]

By Kamal Radwan
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Why am I getting 504 error in cloudfront for selective api calls?

I have a node application running behind cloudfront that serves my Angular pages. Specifically for 1 api call we always get a 504 error. This particular api takes around 30 secs to respond (its designed that way). I tried updating the origin response timeout to 60 secs (through aws configurations) but still I see the […]

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