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How to implement tool tip in quill editor toolbar

We are using "quill": "1.3.7" version of quill editor in Ionic 4 application. We need to show tool tip for toolbar options. Is there any possible to enable tooltip for toolbar options.Here attached the quill editor sample screen for your reference. Source: Angular Questions

By PTR Arun Prasath
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Hindi language compatibility in Quilljs

I want to use the Hindi language in quill but it shows wired behaviour when pasting Hindi text from Word document to Quill Editor In the given image highlighted text jumped at last of the paragraph इसके बाद तिब्बत की सबसे खतरनाक जगह डाँड़ा थोङ्ला पार करना था। सोलह-सत्रह हज़ार फिट की ऊँचाई होने […]

By santosh vishwakarma
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Adding Hindi text in quill-editor in angular but data is getting scrambled after adding, is there any solution for Hindi text editing? [closed] This is the example for the quill where you can check this issue & the problem I’m getting is in the below image enter image description here Source: Angular Questions

By Rohan Bhavsar
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In ngx-quill, how can I include only those formats that I use?, so that the build excludes the scripts for excluded formats

Please check the link quill build. The quill documentation link provides way to include only those formats which are used in the project, thereby removing the scripts of the excluded formats from being bundled into the output. This should improve the performance, since it reduces the size of the vendor.js file in my angular project […]

By Dinesh Mathivanan
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ngx quill editor not working while using cdkDrag directive of Angular Material

Quill editor not focused or not able to type the content while using cdkDrag directive of Angular Material. Here I share the StackBlitz code. Understanding: If right click on the editor, It’s editable Click on any toolbar menu item, It’s editable Kindly suggest to solve this issue. Thanks in advance. Source: Angular Material Quesions

Create Quill Editor Dynamically via ngx-quill

Developing a Reddit-like social forum application in Angular 11, need to add ngx-quill rich text editor dynamically. I’ve studied the document and live demo not finding how, and a few SO questions on AngularJS and native quills. Here is what I think should be to add a ngx-quill editor <div id="qeLocation1"></div> <button (click)="addQE()">Add QE</button> import […]

By Jeb50
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Unable to set ${} in ngx Quill Editor

I’m using Quill Editor in my Angular application. While trying to insert text into the editor using the editor instance, normal text works fine. But if I use ${Name} it disappears when I read the value from the editor. Here is the code: const selec = editor.getSelection(); editor.insertText(selec.index, "${Name}"); Using the above code, value gets […]

By iJade
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How to delete files not found in a document in firebase

I’m using quill as text editor in an Angular project. It has an image/video handler that uploads files to firebase. If the user adds an image in the editor the image is uploaded to firebase storage. If the user deletes the image with the keyboard, then the image is deleted from the editor but it […]

Select an element by ancestors’ name and classes

Quill Editor with validation <quill-editor formControlName="qed" placeholder="Input notes, minimum 10 char" [minLength]="10" required></quill-editor> .ng-invalid {border: 2px solid red} Once validation fails will have a red border triggered by ng-invalid, corresponding element is <div class="ql-editor"> It doesn’t happens. F12 finds out because ng-invalid shows up in its grandparent <quill-editor>: <quill-editor formcontrolname="qed" class="ng-invalid"> <div class="ql-toolbar ql-snow">…</div> <div […]

By Jeb50
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Text Editor for Angular 2.0.0

We have an application running on Angular 2.0.0. Is there a text editor npm library which gives support to Angular 2.0.0. Source: Angular Questions

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