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History not working in multiple instances of ngx-quill editor

I have a page with multiple components where each component contains an instance of the mat-quill editor, when I use the undo redo buttons it only works in the last instance of the editor in the page, it has the same behaviour if I’m using the quill-editor and not the mat-quill. I was trying to […]

By tiagoHB
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Quill adds empty lines after 1 empty line, ngx-quill

"ngx-quill": "^7.3.9", I add one empty line between paragraphs And after saving it becomes: Project is on Angular 2+ I tried: ::ng-deep .ngx-quill-editor p > br display: none p:not(:last-of-type) margin-bottom: 1rem But this doesn’t allow make 2 paragraps without vertical space between it Also I tried to solve it with js private removeExcessEmptyLine() { const […]

By Tatyana Molchanova
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Jest test failing because of missing dynamic import in angular 10 when testing component with quill editor in it

I am writting test for an angular component and I get the following error: Uncaught (in promise): TypeError [ERR_VM_DYNAMIC_IMPORT_CALLBACK_MISSING]: A dynamic import callback was not specified. TypeError [ERR_VM_DYNAMIC_IMPORT_CALLBACK_MISSING]: A dynamic import callback was not specified. at QuillService.<anonymous> (projects/ngx-quill/src/lib/quill.service.ts:26:29) at step (node_modules/tslib/tslib.es6.js:102:23) at (node_modules/tslib/tslib.es6.js:83:53) The component containt a sub-component which wrap a quill editor and […]

By Drywock
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Angular ngx-quill editor – handle image click

I have images inserted into the editor content area and I need to handle these images clicks. I need to know what the image was clicked on. Whether is this possible, how do I do this? Just the idea. Thanks for advance! Source: Angular Questions

By Angry Beaver
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Quill editor html class not able to style in email body

am using angular 10 and included ngx quill editor to show the rich text editor. when we save the html content into database, it saves with html class type like below: <li class="ql-indent-2">lbmlkfdnblblfdsb</li> and when we send an email through our app, we send the above content in the email body but the css class […]

By Pradeep
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Is there anyway on Angular Universal to find where the window reference error is located at?

So I have an Angular Universal project working fine. After adding quite a lot of code and some external npm libraries such as Quill I am finding now a window Reference error. I have checked all my components and in all of them when I reference window it is wrapped under the if(isPlatformBrowser(this.platformId)){ . Error […]

Is it possible to get access to click events from quill-mention?

I would like to redirect users from editor if they click on @mention (or #tag) elements provided by quill-mention. (Angular + ngx-quill + quill-mention). Is it possible? If so, how? Or do I need another, more sophisticated editor? Source: Angular Questions

By embu
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Format html using Quill Editor

I’m using quill editor in my template and the editor’s content is bound via [(ngModel)] to a variable in my component which is basically a text with some html tags in it. What I discovered is that if I change the variable’s value the quill editor formats its text and replaces all occurrences of the […]

By bigb055
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How do we mock complex events or objects belonging to third part libraries using jasmine and angular?

For example, we are using quill editor for adding rich text in our application and have added some event based methods in our component’s typescript file. function addBinding($event){ …. …. perform some action on quill’s $event object. } When writing the Jasmine testcases, how to mock $event as it has a very complex structure. Source: […]

Is there a way to get innertext from highlightjsAuto instead of HTML string when an ngModal of a <quill-editor> is passed into it

Highlight.js is pretty useful when coming to colorizing my text, converting them to elements and adding styles etc., I am currently working with quill.js and trying to use highlight.js on top of it to colorize my queries passed into my quill-editor. I have my code as follows: HTML: <quill-editor #queryInput (onEditorCreated)="setValueofQuill()" [ngModel]="quillQueryString"> typescript: setValueofQuill() { […]

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