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Notify Client, Angular, from Server, .net, that the thread is complete

I have created a thread to search the data from table, I takes a lot of time and cause request time, to solve that problem I run the method in thread but now how can I notify the client that the server is ready to send the results. I know I’ve to use socket but […]

By COVID -19
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Angular object turns into array after including the foreign keys

Currently im trying to include my foreign keys to get easier data access to my user data. The problem is after im including my foreign key model in my backend, im getting back an array like you will see on my screenshots. Including the foreign key in my backend looks like: Backend without inlcuding my […]

By ChopperChupss
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Can not access object property in Angular

I want to get value in list object in angular. here is my component getAllStories():void{ this.service.getAllStories().subscribe( ls => { this.StoriesList = ls; for ( let i of this.StoriesList){ console.log(i); console.log(i?.$Name) } } ) } this’s my console log. when i show object it show exactly. but I get property of this object it show undefined. […]

By rubyK
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SignalR response 200 ok but notification does not show

I am working on a project with asp.NET and angular and I am using signalR to get real time notifications. These are the classes and methods that I have implemented for signalR public class NotificationsHub : Hub { public override Task OnConnectedAsync() { var userId = Context.GetHttpContext().Request.Query["userId"]; if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(userId)) { Groups.AddToGroupAsync(Context.ConnectionId, userId); } return base.OnConnectedAsync(); […]

By Bori
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Skipping redundant operations in script

I am writing a SPA with the following architecture: The frontend uses Angular and its source is in the frontend directory. The backend uses ASP Core 5 and its source is in the backend directory. Instead of deploying both separately, I am packing frontend and the backend together in a single docker image for convenience. […]

Pass Objects in FormData with angular 12 to .net core api

I am working with angular 12 and .Net Core api here is my object which i create dynamically I wanted to pass this dynamic object to .net api but it does not works with Form Data as i tried to do it. As you can see Value is dynamic sometime it will be a file […]

By Faisal
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Why OpenId with ADFS suddendly stop working?

i’m working on a project which uses openid as one way of authentication. Last week was working just fine, no issues. Suddendly monday morning: hell. For no reason all environments DEV, QA, Prod were unable to login using this feature. There was no deployment, in production a while. All of these Apps are hosted on […]

By Jorge Salitre
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How to get the input errors from web app into my Index.cshtml view using fluent validation?

I am working on a web form that needs to do a validation for the input fields. I already made that possible with AngularJS(the app uses AngularJS too), but now I need to get those error input messages with ASP.NET more specifically using Fluent Validation. Now I get the results as JSON like Key: CompanyName […]

By Matomkd
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Need to execute the code after Window.location.href

I need to redirect the URL to other port eg. from localhost:8180 to web handler http://localhost/handlers/signinrouter.ashx. It is giving me Cross origin error when I am using angular $http.get("http://localhost/handlers/signinrouter.ashx"). const url = `http://localhost/handlers/signinrouter.ashx?target=switchWkOrganisation&organisationId=${requestParams.orgId}`; this.companiesFactory.updateSessionInfo(url).then(() => { return this.CompanySwitch(options, params); }); updateSessionInfo(href: string): ng.IPromise<ng.IHttpResponse<any>> { return this.$http.get(href); } When I am using Window.location.href then it is […]

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Clicking on a ng-select dropdown option using selenium c#

Using selenium c# – I am unable to click on a value of an angular dropdown list. code: new SelectElement(driver.FindElement(By.Name("Status"))).SelectByIndex(2) error: ‘Element should have been select but is a ng-select’. I also tried clicking on the dropdown first then targeting the values after dropdown list shows. I got ‘Element should have been select but is […]

By Eniola Akinbileje
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