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Connect Nox Player to Angular localhost

Now I am developing conference room using Twilio service on angular project. The Conference Room uses Camera and Microphone on pc or mobile phone. While developing, I’ve found a bug and need to fix that. But I can’t test it properly because the bug happened on mobile. So I need to access localhost:4200 from Nox […]

By Tai Jin
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Is anyone knows how to connect NoxAppPlayer to localhost?

Now I am developing Conference Service on Angular using Twilio Service. It works fine on PC, but doesn’t work on mobile. So I am going to test the service with using NoxAppPlayer. But I can’t find localhost from Nox Web Browser. Source: Angular Questions

By elite0107
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Run angular repository locally

There is Angular repository on GitHub Could it be run locally via localhost ? README for repository do not provide any instruction for running locally. Running ‘yarn’ builds site, and how to lunch it with local server ? ‘Contributing to code’ gives no option to run site locally. Source: Angular Questions

By Andr
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Auto-redirect connection to port 4201 and fail (WSL2)

I am creating a website with Angular on WSL2 Ubuntu running on a Windows 10 computer. When I launch the application with the ng serve command, I get ** Angular Live Development Server is listening on localhost:4200, open your browser on http://localhost:4200/ ** and ✔ Compiled successfully. on the command line. But when I click […]

By novicious
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LocalHost CORS failing in Preflight for Azure APIM

When trying to communicate to my Azure APIM endpoint from localhost, I am getting a CORS preflight fail. I’ve modified the policy on both APIM and the .Net Core API itself but I’m still not having luck. The below is how my policy looks on the ‘All Operations’ section in APIM. The front end is […]

By Kyle Watts
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How to make Graph API calls from Angular http://localhost:4200 port?

I have created one project in Angular. I need to GET/POST data from the SharePoint list. I have created Microsoft Graph API App to achieve the same. When I tried to GET/POST data in SharePoint list using Postman. It is working correctly. But when I integrate that code in Angular and run that project on […]

How to store/retrieve localhost sessionId cookie in Angular running in Electron?

Background (Just a summary of what I’ve done and searched. It’s OK to skip reading 🙂 I’m working on a new project using Django 3.2 as backend and Angular 12 as frontend and Electron as the desktop wrapper. Django comes with its auth module which is based on sessionId. So when I call my login […]

Recaptcha allowed domain in ionic mobile application works only with localhost in production and not with the package name

My mobile application works with a front-end project in ionic which communicates with a back-end project written in php. I implement in my ionic application the google recaptcha v3 with the package ng-recaptcha (version 8) in this way: My front-end project generates the token and send it to the back. My back-end project get the […]

How to dynamically change Angular application host for development?

Let’s break this down. I’m using angular.json for managing project configuration. I want to be able to leave the host for serving (aka development) equal to (localhost). I have host mapping specified under C:WindowsSystem32driversetc folder in hosts file. It looks something like The goal is to start the application for development with […]

By Dm Mh
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Angular console logs only from main.js:1 and polyfills.js:1

I’m building a new angular app and anywhere I do console.log’s it comes from main.js:1 or polyfills.js:1 and not from the proper component. I tried to add main.js and polyfills.js to Ignore list in the dev tools settings but it doesn’t work too. Maybe the problem is that I’m doing ng serve –ssl true? But […]

By Symlis
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