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Kendo UI for Angular – theme styling

Is it possible to reload page color content when user selects another color from dropdown? I’m using Kendo UI for Angular. I have read Kendo’s documentation and they suggest to do it at buildtime And my case would be: User selects color on dropdown User saves selected color to database Reload Kendo components to […]

By blackRose
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How to pass Date in kendo gaugues in Angular

Hello i need the gaugue to be filled with data coming from a server query. I have this : <app-arcgauge-gauge-form [widgetData]="widgetData" [model]="editDataItem" [dashboardQueries]="dashboardQueries" (editionMode)="closeEditForm($event)" (refreshChart)="refreshChart($event)"> </app-arcgauge-gauge-form> </ng-container> <ng-container *ngSwitchDefault> <kendo-pdf-export #pdfExportContainer paperSize="C3" margin="2cm" class="pdf-export-container"> <kendo-arcgauge [value]="chartOptions.fieldOptions.value" data="model" [colors]="colors" > In kendo charts exist one proprity "data" and work with my query but in gaugue i […]

Angular kendo-editor links to wrong address

When I create a link in the editor it will appear like this: However when I click on it it will bring me to https://mysite/ I’m using "@progress/kendo-angular-editor": "^0.9.0" in my aspnetzero application This is what chrome editor shows: Source: Angular Questions

Setting Kendo for Angular rangeArea chart series item color

I am trying to set color of rangeArea chart series item by using [color]="getColor" function but it is not working. Setting hardcoded values [color]="’#00FF00’" works. Help? <kendo-chart-series> <kendo-chart-series-item *ngFor="let item of weatherData" type="rangeArea" [color]="getColor" // [color]="’#00FF00’" or color=’#00FF00′ works (colors both series items in the same color though) [data]="item" fromField="min" toField="max" categoryField="month" [opacity]="1" ></kendo-chart-series-item> </kendo-chart-series> […]

npm error: 404 Not Found GET

I ran the following command npm i @progress/kendo-angular-charts I ran that command on Windows 10. NPM version is 7.12.0. I get the following error 699 verbose argv "C:Program Filesnodejsnode.exe" "C:Program Filesnodejsnode_modulesnpmbinnpm-cli.js" "i" "@progress/kendo-angular-charts" 700 verbose node v16.1.0 701 verbose npm v7.12.0 702 error code E404 703 error 404 Not Found – GET – Not […]

By stevieg008
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kendo-angular-chart not found dependency kendo-charts-1.19.1.tgz

does anyone have the same problem with kendo-chart? I’m trying to install kendo-angular-chart and i have this issue: npm install npm ERR! code E404 npm ERR! 404 Not Found – GET npm ERR! 404 npm ERR! 404 ‘@progress/[email protected]^1.15.0’ is not in the npm registry. npm ERR! 404 You should bug the author to publish […]

Angular4 throwing error "SCRIPT1006: Expected ‘)’" in IE11

t.exports = function(t, e={}) { if (e = Object.assign({}, r, e), !t || “string” != typeof t) return t; let o = t.trim(); if (void 0 !== e.skipLike && e.skipLike.test(o)) return t; if (e.hex && n.test(o)) return Number.parseInt(o, 16); { const n = i.exec(o); if (n) { const i = n[2] , r = n[3]; […]

Type default is not assignable to type ButtonLook clear

I just started with Angular and when I tried to add a kendo button this error pops up: Type ‘"’default’"’ is not assignable to type ‘ButtonLook | "clear"’. In a fresh angular project first I used this command : ng add @progress/kendo-angular-buttons Then, The package @progress/[email protected] will be installed and executed. Would you like to […]

Popup Setting is not working in <kendo-editor><kendo-toolbar>

I have a very straight forward kendo-editor code like the one below <div #containerRef> <kendo-editor style="height:500px"> <kendo-toolbar> <kendo-toolbar-dropdownlist kendoEditorFormat></kendo-toolbar-dropdownlist> </kendo-toolbar> </kendo-editor> </div> But my problem is that the dropdown is not showing inside the control but instead it’s appending in the root component. I tried adding [PopupSettings]="{appendTo: containerRef}" in <kendo-toolbar> but still not working. this […]

Kendo Grid Angular Checkbox value

I have a kendo grid in angular project. The grid have checkboxes. I want check specific checkbox of that grid during save button click. How to do it in angular component ts file. Source: Angular Questions

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