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Multiple 401 Angular Token Interceptor

I have created a Token Interceptor in Angular which I use to refresh my JWT token. Unfortunately, I don’t know why, several calls fail (error 401) and when the interceptor retrieves the new token, only the last one that failed is redone. This means that it miss some calls and my UI is not filling […]

using django’s request.session with angular

I have a working Django app using session authentication. I am using request.user in my templates and views. I am also using several session variables like requst.session[‘some_variable’]. Currently I am using Django for my backend and as well as for my frontend i.e. html templates, staticfiles etc. Everything’s working fine. But I want to shift […]

By danish2694
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JwtAuthentication header doesn’t contain anything

I’ve made a test program to partice JWTAuthentication, but somehow the header does not contain the token even doe the login is successful. I’ve tried to fill the header within an Interceptor which looks like it works but in the original request the header is empty. something.service.ts export class SomethingService { constructor(private http: HttpClient) { […]

By J Noob
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real-time jwt token expiration management

I manage the expiration of the JWT token inside the interceptor. The problem I would like is to be done what I do, when the token expires and not when the user requests an API request. Because currently, I check that the token has expired every time a JWT request is intercepted, so during inactivity […]

By Man24
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Azure AD (without OnPrem) authorization B2B with .NET Core / Angular app

I’m migrating a .NET core / Angular app from a hybrid OnPrem / Azure AD environment over to Azure AD only. I have a requirement to filter data for different groups of users – i.e. one group of users should not be able to access data that belongs to another group. At present the JWT […]

By Nick Goloborodko
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How to create a json web token from angular?

My question is, I can create a jwt from angular, there is a library in angular that allows me to do this, at the moment I am using @auth0/angular-jwt for the library and according to what I investigate in npm, the only functions that exist are: const decodedToken = helper.decodeToken(myRawToken); const expirationDate = helper.getTokenExpirationDate(myRawToken); const […]

By user11804298
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how to get automatically new JWT Token and Refresh Token in angular

I am using angular and core I have implemented JWT Token and refresh token with the help of this artical I have written code to check Jwt is valid in Authguard if jwt is not valid so with refresh token will make call to api and get the new Jwt and refresh token . […]

By Shivam Dubey
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How to Check JWT token expiration before calling Api from Angular to .NET-core

I am using angular as a client and as a server. From server I am creating JWT token and refresh token and passing it to angular and storing it in localstorage. I am putting my JWT token validation for 5 minutes and refresh token as 2 days . The issue which I am facing […]

By Shivam Dubey
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JWT auth in SPA call or not backend?

A common pattern that many people use in SPA using jwt is that they save the token in cookie, and check use that token along with each api. But there’s also another way, you call the user auth to get a token whenever user landed on the webapp or refreshed the webapp. Which one is […]

By Judy Allen
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How can I insert jwt token needed for api authentication in api request header?

I want to access my api that posts some data in a database. For api authentication I am using a jwt token. I am having problems putting a jwt token into a header of my request. I am using aws api that envokes a lambda function which can access my database, and angular for frontend. […]

By bm23
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