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Issue with Angular file while building dist on Jenkins(CI/CD)

I am facing some problems while building the dist folder of the angular file. I am able to build the dist with the help of CI/CD on AWS ec2 Linux instance successfully for the angular file, but the changes done by my team in the code are not reflecting correctly on a web server. After […]

ERROR – Calling addExpectationResult before specStarted

Could any one help me to understand why am I having this issue on running protractor e2e test within a jenkins job but none if I run it locally? Thanks in advance Source: Angular Questions

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Deployement strategy for 2 combined angular apps

My requirement was to have 2 Angular applications that works as a single app but should be deployable separately in 2 separate CI/CD pipelines. Also the 2 applications have 2 separate repositories on GIT and we use Jenkins for deployment. I am trying to combine 2 angular applications into a single one and was successfully […]

By Yogesh
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Why does Jenkins sshPublisher waits even after remote command is completed?

I am running a shellscript which in turn runs angular "ng serve" from Jenkins with "sshPublisher()" groovy function. But this is timing out Jenkins as it is waiting even after command is completed on remote machine and hence Job shows as ‘unstable’ Note: If I run any other command say "date; hostname" in shellscript, it […]

By Krishna
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Angular auto build and deployment on Apache server https (cPanel)

So I’m using gitlab as repo and now I want to build a pipleline for auto build and deployment to my current server. I’m using an apache http server with cpanel . I want to if it is possile and what is the best and easy way to do it Source: Angular Questions

By Azam Nawaz
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How to integrate coverity for Angular project

I need to integrate coverity in jenkins for angular project.can anyone help me how can I use coverity build command for Angular project in jenkins pipeline. I am using coverity version 2020.12-3 and Angular version 8.3 Source: Angular Questions

How to solve npm run build 137 error? Already have set 10gb

I am running npm run build to create a docker. It has –prod option. If ran without –prod it builds fine. If built with –prod it goes into 137 ENDLIFECYCLE error. Killed npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno 137 Unfortunately i can’t just remove the prod option, cos thats what works on dev machine […]

By manu muraleedharan
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How to setup Headless Chrome on Jenkins for Angular JUnit tests?

I would like to replace the PhantomJs headless browser with Headless Chrome on Jenkins in order to run the Angular Junit tests, however the issue is that I do not have access to the Linux slaves, so I cannot download the chrome binary and driver. Problem: This is why I receive the CHROME_BIN missing environment […]

is there any way to automate updating and building an android application

I’m a full stack developer trying to make an "android app builder" , the user can choose the theme ,logo and instead of me doing the changes and deploy the app I want to automate this task. 1- create or clone a new android project 2- update the theme as the user demands 3- build […]

How to run cypress on jenkins with separate database and backend?

I have separates project running by docker compose: frontend (Angular) backend (Java) database (PostgreSQL) I want to perform E2E (Cypress) tests during jenkins pipeline but cypress need running backend and database to fetch data etc.. What is the best and most optimal way? Source: Angular Questions

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