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Display the selected value (tag select) inside the form on another page

I wrote a service that takes two models, one with an ID and the other with a title. When I want to select the value in the form in the form selection box, I want to display it in the page. When I display it, I want the title to be displayed instead of the […]

By amin viper
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angular java script ..problems in not having complete files

hi am learning angular java script. I have installed NPM and node .opening that code on video visual studio some files are missing. package JSON and angular. JSON and bootstrap is missing .. how to solve this Source: Angular Questions

By manika
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os.networkInterfaces is not a function and Nodemailer

Once I add the following code to my Angular project I get the ‘os.networkInterfaces is not a function’, but I do not know how to solve this and still use Nodemailer. location: index.js – const networkInterfaces = (module.exports.networkInterfaces = os.networkInterfaces()); var nodemailer = require(‘nodemailer’); let transporter = nodemailer.createTransport({ host: ‘’, port: 453, auth: { user: […]

How can I manipulate properties of an object and map them to another object in JavaScript or Angular

I have two interfaces for two different objects interface standardObject{ propertyA: number; propertyB: number; } interface transformedObject{ transformedPropertyA: number; transformedPropertyB: number; } I want to manipulate the values of object a let objectA: standardObject = { propertyA: 1, propertyB: 2, } and map them to to object b with the interface of transformedObject. So object […]

By Tuan-Dat Ho
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How to implement routing in angular js?

Good morning, I’m going crazy. I’m trying to figure out how to implement routing in Angular JS. Unfortunately, the more I go on searching on the internet, the more I create a general confusion. Each site brings me different syntax and information. Would it be possible once and for all to understand how to implement […]

By Maurizio Generosi
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RxJs resolve promise and return observable [duplicate]

I would like to return an observable from a function but I need to resolve a promise before. async getData(path: string): Observable<Data> { // getInfo is asynchronous let appInfo = await App.getInfo(); const headers = new HttpHeaders({‘Test’:}); return this.http.get<Data>(environment.url + path, {headers: headers}); } But actually this is not working because of async keyword […]

By Ernesto Schiavo
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Angular project works fine on Heroku but failed on local : ERROR in HostResourceResolver. Some CSS files are missing on GitHub

I am an Angular beginner. Months ago, I deployed this website on Heroku, it works fine even now. However, when I clone from github repo –> npm install –> ng serve, It doesn’t work locally. I got a bunch of errors of missing CSS stylesheets as below: ERROR in HostResourceResolver Of course, I wrote those […]

By Freya
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HTML, CSS and Angular: Something goes wrong

I’m learning Codecademy course: AngularJS 1.X and I decided to do an app like that (chapter ‘Your first app’). First I copied the code from Codecademy and pasted it into VS Code. But the output isn’t like in Codecademy. Error: I found that the wrong code is in line 20 – 30 HTML but I […]

By Oscar Nguyen
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Input Text Editable in Angular js

I have a problem of trying to make the input text field editable. Currently, I am unable to make the input text box editable on click of add or edit button. I have set the values statically in the state objects. How can I edit the code below to make the input text box editable? […]

By user3632940
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Javascript – How to Transform MiB to GB

I am trying to convert values from my API response, where I get the values in MiB. I need to convert these MiB values to GB to put the available server memory size in my graph, but I don’t know where I’m going wrong. Can you help me? I am a beginner in Angular. My […]

By Andreia
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