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Define Age based on date and time [closed]

i got a question about date range example : a kid is born 15th of February year 2009 Time 6am, 15/2/2009, if calculate as at today (17/1/2022), his age is still consider 12, and will be only consider age 13 after 15/2/2022 6am, how can i make it into a calculation ? regards Source: Angular […]

Ionic – Status Bar height

Is there a way in ionic to get the height of the status bar in px ? I tried using screen.height – this.platform.height() but it also gives me the height of the soft bottom bar in android in some phones. Source: Angular Questions

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Google login not working in IONIC Mobile application

I’m facing issue of google login in ionic mobile application. Though before uploading on google play console it’s working fine and once i upload on the google play console for testting purpose it’s not working properly. Let me know if any one have any idea on this why this missbehaving. thanks in advance Source: Angular […]

By Manthan Machhi
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Why does ion-radio checked value not get set correctly based on data loaded?

Why does the page load with both radio buttons deselected? colorSchemes is an array with 2 items. <ion-radio-group (ionChange)="radioGroupChange($event)" #radioGroup> <ion-list *ngFor="let scheme of colorSchemes; let i = index"> <ion-item class="color-scheme-item-inactive" [ngClass]="{‘color-scheme-item-active’: scheme.default}"> <ion-radio name="color_radios" value="{{scheme.code}}" checked="{{scheme.checked}}" ></ion-radio> <ion-label class="checkbox-label">{{}}</ion-label> and this object stored in colorSchemes: [{ checked: true, code: "Default", default: true, expanded: false, […]

By byronaltice
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Firebase Cloud Messaging Problem when deploying in Ionic

Having this FCM error while deploying using ionic cordova build android This is the code that gets error // Override config with project values if available ANDROID_GRADLE_TOOLS_VERSION = rootProject.hasProperty(‘ANDROID_GRADLE_TOOLS_VERSION’) ? rootProject.ext.ANDROID_GRADLE_TOOLS_VERSION : ANDROID_GRADLE_TOOLS_VERSION ext.gradleNumberVersion = ANDROID_GRADLE_TOOLS_VERSION.substring(0, ANDROID_GRADLE_TOOLS_VERSION.lastIndexOf(".")).toFloat() Source: Angular Questions

How to handle in ionic when the backend is offline?

I have an ionic app with angular and a backend with spring boot (rest). The app needs the backend for all of its features (login, data fetching, …) so it can not operate without its backend. Now I imagine: The app is live and I have to update the backend for some reason. (scheduled or […]

Keyboard and footer flicker when text input clicked on Ionic 4

I have been having this issue for a while now on IOS(14) (before on Ionic 4 angular 8, and still now again after updating to Ionic 5 angular 9)… Whenever I click on a text input, it makes footer disappear then reappear (cf video). When I focus out the element, there is also a weird […]

By Raphael St
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Property ‘levelSelect’ does not exist on type ‘RecommendedModule’

I am in the process of upgrading my Ionic 5 app to Ionic 6. I also upgraded angular from 7 to 13 (and dependencies). During the upgrade the compiler told me to convert one of my components into a module. It was saying since it is used in more than 1 place to make a […]

By Ronnie
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Add parameter to a route and use in a conditional

I have a simple routing like this: import { NgModule } from ‘@angular/core’; import { PreloadAllModules, RouterModule, Routes } from ‘@angular/router’; const routes: Routes = [ { path: ‘scenario’, loadChildren: () => import(‘./pages/scenarios/scenario/scenario.module’).then( m => m.ScenarioPageModule) } ] As you can see I have a "scenario" view so in my app.component.ts I have this to […]

Typescript setting IonSelect value from ViewChild edits array?

I am facing a very weird problem. I am loading my data in the AfteViewInit() method, but if I want to set the value of my IonSelect in my code, the array gets manipulated and the forEach method can not be found anymore. Here is the example: @ViewChild("departmentSelector") departmentSelector: IonSelect SelectedDepartments is an empty array […]

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