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How to fetch data from cloud firestore to an ion-list angular 9 /ionic 5

Can someone help me fetch data from cloud firestore to a ion-list? I use the cloud firestore modular SDK, angular 9 and ionic 5. my collection on cloud firebase : clients my interface src/app/models/client/client.ts : export interface client{ name: string; phone: number; mensualite: number; zone: string; localisation: string; imp: number; net: number; abonnement: number; }; […]

Edit Form Dialog Not Prepopulating

I am using Angular 11 and Ionic as my UI library. The issue that I’m having is that I created an upsert dialog component and while the edit form returns the correct value when I get the value manually from the console, the selected item is not reflected in the UI when I pass it […]

By David
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Ionic Contents is overlapping the tab menu

I have a page with various Ionic Items and menu tab at the bottom of the page. As the Ionic items increase it seems that it overlaps the tab menu bar as shown in the image. I can scroll page, but i would like to be able to limit the scrolling till the tab bar. […]

By user8400863
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Importing MobxAngularModule causes Ionic app compile fail

New to Ionic-Angular, once projectis stareted and MobxAngularModule is imported the errors below shows: “`[ng] Error: node_modules/mobx-angular/lib/mobx-reaction.directive.d.ts:9:26 – error TS2314: Generic type ‘IReactionOptions’ requires 1 type argument(s).“` from : import { IReactionOptions } from ‘mobx’; import { MobxAutorunDirective } from ‘./mobx-autorun.directive’; export declare class MobxReactionDirective extends MobxAutorunDirective { protected templateRef: TemplateRef<any>; protected viewContainer: ViewContainerRef; mobxReaction: […]

By Leo
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Ionic6 Tabs doesn’t show content from tab but in DOM it is shown

i got the Problem that i have two ionic tabs and the content of both isnt showing. Furthermore the content can be seen in the DOM, but it is for some weird reason not shown. For test reasons i litereally just wrote <p>Test</p> into my homePage but it isnt showing properly, however it is shown […]

By The Loraxxz
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Close the `loader` here if I need to use the Real-time feature as well as an `async` pipe on the template

Can you tell me how to close the loader here if I need to use the Real-time feature as well as an async pipe on the template? Since it has a real-time feature it doesn’t work with finalize operator i.e. never completes. So any clue here, please. component.ts private getAlerts(loader: HTMLIonLoadingElement): void { this.alertsChanged$ = […]

Make circle animation in ionic Angular

I’ve a simple ionic page, and want to add animation, I already know css animation properties and how to add, but in this case I’ve little confusion how to start, and how do I put the green background with circle here is the stackblitz link of the app and here is the animation which I […]

By Lint
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test cases for angularFire multiple time App initialization issues

I am writing test cases for my Angular-Ionic PWA. with latest version of AngularFire that is "@angular/fire": "^7.0.4", Component1.spec.ts import { provideFirebaseApp, initializeApp } from ‘@angular/fire/app’; import { getFunctions, provideFunctions } from ‘@angular/fire/functions’; import { getFirestore, provideFirestore, enableMultiTabIndexedDbPersistence } from ‘@angular/fire/firestore’; import { getDatabase, provideDatabase } from ‘@angular/fire/database’; import { getStorage, provideStorage } from ‘@angular/fire/storage’; […]

Why npm give me this output?

I have a problem with ionic, npm ecc. I want to write an app with Ionic framework using Angular. I installed Node.js, ionic, angular, @ionic/angular, native-run, cordova-res, @capacitor/camera, @capacitor/storage, @capacitor/filesystem. But when I put the command ionic start this is the output: ? Starter template: sidemenu √ Preparing directory .ludolambru in 1.97ms √ Downloading and […]

By Ludovico Latini
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Ionic Dark Mode – Force Light/Dark and System theme

I would like to add a toggle for my Ionic project that controls the theme of the entire application. The toggle can force a light mode/dark mode irrespective of what the system mode is (ie. stays dark mode even if the system turns from dark -> light) and also an option to toggle back to […]

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