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How do I make sure that my Angular app is not overwritten by the user agent stylesheet? (Chrome)

I am currently in the process of developing my first Angular app. When I tried to create a background image in the body, I realized that my body has a fixed height of 153 pixels because of the user agent stylesheet. I could not change the height with css. Since I use Chrome for development […]

Bug in innerHeight since last version of chrome (94)

We have an app who works on edge and chrome. In a screen, we need to know if the user as scrolled to the bottom of a div. Everything was fine since yesterday. Chrome has been updated to v94 and it has broken the behaviour. The problem is not present in Edge as it is […]

Hide Chrome debugging logs from Developer tools

I am running an Angular application in Chrome. Somehow Chrome has started adding its debugging logs in the console output of developer tools. Example: Got main parameters ContentManager.ts:69 Got main parameters {configurationData: {…}, pageInformation: {…}, statusCode: 304, wpmParameters: {…}, documentTitle: ”, …} ContentManager.ts:70 Configuration {ConfigurationVersion: 2, MaxPropertyLength: 256, VisibilityMonitoringIntervalMs: 300, BackoffGracePeriodMs: 1000, ElementsDiscoveryIntervalMs: 1500, …} DocumentTitleManager.ts:32 AppInternals.ts:209 […]

By developer
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Chrome not allowing to keep logged in iframe – Angular

I have 2 websites and I want to embbed one to another with automatically login. Everything goes fine when I’m using Mozilla Firefox. But when I change to Google Chrome, and access the page, It makes logoff. Does anyone know how to workaround this problem? I’m using Iframe tag and Angular V11. Thank you!! JS […]

Issue with Chrome and Angular 8 Application when i print a component, Takes too much time load Print Preview

so i am working on a project developed in angular 8, there is a feature to print a selected items, selected items are being passed as prop, intialy they are display:none. when i print few items everything goes smoothly, but as the number of selected items increase 150+ it starts taking more time to load […]

VS Code – Browser closes right after opening when debugging

Since yesterday (sep-13), I’m facing this issue. I open my Angular project folder, go to "Run and Debug", push play and, even nothing different in launch.json, the browser closes right after opening. I tried: Remove all extensions; Different browsers (chrome and edge); Uninstall VS Code; Uninstall VS Code and completely remove all of its folders; […]

Chrome on android return everytime 229 for keyCode

I have this piece of code : … @HostListener(‘keydown’, [‘$event’]) onKeyDown(evt: KeyboardEvent) { console.log(‘KeyCode : ‘ + evt.keyCode); console.log(‘Which : ‘ + evt.which); …. } For ios checked all browsers –> working just fine For android, is working on firefox, but on chrome I have 229 for evt.keyCode && evt.which, doesn’t matter which key is […]

By klsdskldsd
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Angular use *ngFor on component is lagger than on div in chrome devtools

I have a simple page like that: // list.component.ts @Component({ selector: "app-list", template: `<app-item *ngFor="let data of listData" [data]="data"></app-item>` }) export class ListComponent { listData = […Array(1000)].map((_, idx) => idx); } // item.component.ts @Component({ selector: "app-item", template: `<div>{{data}}</div>`, }) export class ItemComponent { @Input() data: number } Then I have this step: open the chrome […]

By Sylvaner
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Using `*ngFor` on child component is laggier than when wrapped in `<div>` in Chrome devtools

I have the following page: list.component.ts @Component({ selector: "app-list", template: ` <app-item *ngFor="let data of listData" [data]="data"></app-item> ` }) export class ListComponent { listData = […Array(1000)].map((_, idx) => idx); } item.component.ts @Component({ selector: "app-item", template: `<div>{{data}}</div>`, }) export class ItemComponent { @Input() data: number } Then I do this: Open Chrome Dev tools Click ‘Select […]

By Sylvaner
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(click) event not working on Chrome over select’s option – Angular 12

I have a select input and I need to send as argument the index of the iterable item, so using the (change) event over the select, doesn’t work for me. I mandatoryly have to use (click) event over the option tag, and it works on FF, but not works on chrome. Code: <select class="text-sm"> <option […]

By Oscar Morales
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