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Get current Github Repository name with Octokit

I’m trying to get some information about the current Github Repo Projects, for a VsCode Extension, But I don’t know (Haven’t found it in the Documentation) how to get the current Repo name. With that information, I would try to execute the following (Which I got from the documentation & works when I hard code […]

By Felix Niedermann
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Deploying Angular Application to GitPages – Not Routing Properly

Disclaimer: I am not a frontend guy by trade. I am being asked to deploy an Angular application other engineers have created. I have gone through the process of deploying an Angular application to GitPages and have also tried the handy Angular CLI GH Pages library. However, they both have the same issue, and I’m […]

By LowLevelSoCal
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automatically deploy from github to linode ubuntu cloud

i am trying to add my angular project to lenode ubunto cloud.. i have a lenode ubuntu cloud and i do a certificate ssl, first my ubuntu is empty , i want to add my project angular into it, i have my project in github and the most important when i push into github i […]

By lampard bre
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How to get private repositories of a organization from github to angular

I’m trying to get the all private repositories of a organization which I have access, to list down in angular. I have created a Personal access token for the user and created a oAuth application in the github organization which I created. I use this endpoint:{?type=private,page,per_page,sort} and pass the access token in the header. […]

By Sadusha Nadeesh
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Custom domain in azure break my app in Angular

I’m working with: Angular CLI: 12.0.5 CI pipeline from github Azure static web services Godaddy Domain The Project works PERFECTLY with the automatic domain generated by Azure, the real trouble begin when i add a custom domain, the domain is correcly reconized by prodiver (godaddy) and Azure accept teh verification, but the message when i […]

Apps targeting Android 12 and higher required to specify an explicit value for `android:exported` [Cordova]

When I am running to make apk in GitHub I got the error. As I am building apk in GitHub. There is no way to define something inside manifest as it is building every time fresh. All I can do inside the Config.Xml file. After Adding android:exported="false" to it, also getting same error. Both image […]

Github workflow recommends archive before upload. How do I do that?

Warning: There are over 10,000 files in this artifact, consider creating an archive before upload to improve the upload performance I have a boilerplate Angular app and use GitHub as a repository to upload to an Azure App Service. I receive the title message. How do I add in the Angular project code that I […]

By Daniel
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How to host Angular with Node js(for email and contact backend) [closed]

I have to host angular 8 with node js which having email facility. Angular and Node both have 2 different folders i.e. for frontend and backend. I am able to host Angular but unable to connect node js on hosting. I am testing in git hub. if this facility is not available please provide the […]

By Rajat Sri
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How to add Node_modules folder to github repo?

I have an existing project built using angular that I am trying to push into githubs remote server. I am able to push all the folders besides the node_modules folder which is quite big and contains hundreds of files. I read that it is bad practice to include this in the repo and it is […]

By Shaakira
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Pull on github via visual studio code

I push java project form IntellIj id and now I want to add angular app from visual studio code. I try it with git pull and with git unrelated-histories but nothing works. Source: Angular Questions

By Htc Saj
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