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How to add Node_modules folder to github repo?

I have an existing project built using angular that I am trying to push into githubs remote server. I am able to push all the folders besides the node_modules folder which is quite big and contains hundreds of files. I read that it is bad practice to include this in the repo and it is […]

By Shaakira
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How to use MMenu.JS in Angular CLI project?

In my Angular CLI project, the MMenu.JS library is malfunctioning. Live project: Stack Blitz Below is a clip from the error: Source: Angular Questions

By U2B3K
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Pull on github via visual studio code

I push java project form IntellIj id and now I want to add angular app from visual studio code. I try it with git pull and with git unrelated-histories but nothing works. Source: Angular Questions

By Htc Saj
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Ng –version shows an error on a devlopment package

When I clone a repo, I get an error on a development package. Any advice on how to solve this will be very helpfull. Source: Angular Questions

How to display Git branch name on Angular App

I have an angular application only – no backend I want to display my private branch name in my angular application (e.x. myName/myFeature) I’m using Azure DevOps for deploy my app in the cloud I searched the web for tutorialsguides but I think I’m missing something. The best tutorial I’ve found is this: But […]

Why do I have error when trying to do git push

I run the following line git git push origin <the-name-of-my-branch> and I got the following warning no-use-before-declare is deprecated. Since TypeScript 2.9. Please use the built-in compiler checks instead. typeof-compare is deprecated. Starting from TypeScript 2.2 the compiler includes this check which makes this rule redundant. no-unused-variable is deprecated. Since TypeScript 2.9. Please use the […]

By watapon1505
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How to automatically sync updated master branch code with its sub branches?

I have an Angular 9 app that follows the following Github branch structure: develop -> staging -> master and master can be branched into multiple event branches. Here event branches are customer-facing with only small UI changes and all the above branches are deployed and hosted on AWS Amplify. Now I’m facing difficulty in scaling […]

By Ramesh N
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Cant push after do git pull from specific branch

i haven’t doing collaboration with other using github before so its a bit confusing, they gave me a branch to push to. Here’s what i do to push my code, git add . git commit -m "Update layout, add chat app" 69 files changed, 6657 insertions(+), 228 deletions(-) git remote add origin git push […]

By naoval
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How to trigger Tslint as pre-commit for Angular

This question doesn’t have any answer: TSLint pre-commit hook I checked some videos on YouTube and also followed the official Husky documentation. I’ve reached till here: Install Husky: npm install husky –save-dev package.json { "name": "application", "version": "0.0.0", "scripts": { "ng": "ng", "start": "node server.js", "build": "ng build", "test": "ng test", "lint": "ng lint", "e2e": […]

By Tanzeel
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npm ci error : “Host key verification failed"

i am building docker image for angular webapp in ubuntu 20.04 AWS server this is docker file FROM node:14.. AS node RUN rm -rf node_modules WORKDIR /app/ COPY . /app/ RUN npm ci during RUN npm ci , am etting following error Step 6/11 : RUN npm ci Step 6/11 : RUN npm ci —> […]

By Guhan S
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