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Read value of an html script element in Angular, which is of type json

In the html page, there will be a script element which is a static content ( generated from a Django backend) with an ID. <script id="hello-data" type="application/json">{"hello": "worldu003C/scriptu003Eu0026amp;"}</script> I wanted to get that data in an angular service ( or even component) which would have a simple getElementById is javascript. const value = JSON.parse(document.getElementById(‘hello-data’).textContent); I […]

By A J
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Check elementById inside a particular div/Angular Component

Actually I was looking a way of getting DOM Element inside a component, like right now , I am using document.getElementByID() to get the reference of that particular element and it returns the first element in the whole document that matches the id. But I want that it should return the first matching element from […]

By Tanishka Bansal
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Cannot read property ‘getBoundingClientRect’ of null in Angular

I am trying to get px height of this <div class="bundles-wrap enterprise" element using getBoundingClientRect().height or this.elementView.nativeElement.offsetHeight. This is my html <div class="row d-flex align-items-end" *ngFor="let value of valueList"> <!– start–> <div class="bundles-wrap enterprise" id="card-id" #card> <div class="hdr"> <h2>{{value.Name}}</h2> <span>What you’ll get</span> </div> </div> </div> This is my component class. valueList: Model[]; @ViewChild(‘card’, {read: ElementRef, […]

Can I get leaflet map object through dom getElementByID()?

I’m using Angular 7 and I need to set a marker on map which is in entirely different component, is it possible to access the leaflet object throught DOM and make changes to it? I don’t want to make any major changes to the existing map component. Thanks! Source: Angular Questions

By Vamshi
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DOM manipulation from javascript to Angular Typescript

I’m doing angular project. I built a button and want to apply document.getElementById(‘b3m’).addEventListener but it return an error Object is possibly ‘null’. I think there is difference between syntax javascript and typescript for DOM manipulation. I found a solution (see below) but I think there is another way. Can you guys help me? Thanks in […]

Angular Directive, Match Height of ElementId

In the DOM I have 2 elements side by side. I want the right-element to always have the same height as the left-element. The right element may have more content than the left and will have a scrollbar in that scenario. (otherwise this could be achieved with flexbox) I have achieved this by creating a […]

By Carlos Magno Rosa
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