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Sort resource items in fullCalendar with Room

This is my resource and event items: const resourceItems = [ { "id": "c", "title": "Resource 1", sort1: 10, sort2: 7}, { "id": "d", "title": "Resource 2", sort1: 14, sort2: 5}, { "id": "e", "title": "Resource 3", sort1: 18, sort2: 3} ] const eventItems = [ { "resourceId": "c", "title": "event 1", "start": "2022-01-12T10:20", "end": […]

Format column header dates in FullCalendar 5

Hello I want following date formate Currently, the format is something like this.. how can I break the Weekday String and date format Source: Angular Questions

fullCalendar how to trigger select event in touch screen

I’m using fullcalendar v2.7.0-beta and FullCalendar Scheduler v1.3.0 I can’t seem to get the cell selection working on touch devices I’m trying to do empty cell selection long-Press into clickable Source: AngularJS Questions

Fullcalendar v5 eventContent not working with angular js

I’m using Fullcalendar v5 in angular js, and i’m trying to make a custom event with: eventContent: function(arg) { return { html: constructEvent(arg) } }, The thing is that if i add: "<div ng-repeat=’user in arg.event._def.extendedProps.users’ class=’avatar’>" "<p>{{ }}</p>" "</div>" it won’t render. It’s like it’s outside angular’s scope. Can someone tell me if […]

Angular Fullcalendar Resource label with DOM Events are only executed once after running getApi() associated methods

I’m currently rendering some resources and events inside my Angular + FullCalendar app. I have the next resourceLabelDidMount() method in the calendarOptions: resourceLabelDidMount: (info) => { if (!info.el.classList.contains(‘section_item’)) { // Activity Info let activityInfoElement = info.el.querySelector(‘.activity-info’); activityInfoElement.addEventListener(‘click’, () => { this.showActivityDescription(info); }); // Event Creation / Management let clickedElement = info.el.querySelector(‘.planificator’); clickedElement.addEventListener(‘click’, () => { […]

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