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Quill Editor with math formula adding feature in Angular

I have Implemented a quill editor in angular. It can style the text message, Add images and video links, etc which works well now As per requirement I may want to add mathematical formulas like this along with the above features. Can anyone please suggest to me an editor for performing this action in angular […]

By jishnu
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Make a mat-chip-list that lets you write text between chips

I’m trying to recreate something like the Google Data Studio calculated fields formula builder. You can see an example here: I’ve included the timestamp with the exact example of what I’m trying to recreate. Basically a textarea that has an autocomplete feature and lets you add multiple metrics/chips between arithmetic operators (like parentheses, SUM, […]

How to validate formula to disallow pairs of nested parentheses

For my angular application I’m having an requirement, where I have formula and a Apply button it should be enabled only if my formula contains operand operand operator operand (operand operator operand) It should not be enabled if my formula contains operator operand operator () multiple un-matching i.e. ((()) or ()) multiple matching parenthesis () […]

By Deepika P
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Can we apply Calculation formulas in the values directly in the MySQL database?

I want to apply some customised mathematics formula on values present in the database !..Directly In The Database..! but I don’t know how to do it. Source: AngularJS Questions

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