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rm command to remove Angular build files but keep other directories/files

I would need to delete Angular build files and ‘/assets’ folder but keep other files in the directory. What would be best command line solution for this? Following should stay: /api /boardapi /thumbnails .htaccess robots.txt Source: Angular Questions

By Tanel J e r
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Change .reduce function to .find using angular

I want to use .find in .reduce const { itemId, jobIds } =<{ itemId: string; jobIds: string[]; }>( (acc, curr) => { return { …acc, itemId: curr.asRFQYardId, jobIds: curr.jobsList .filter((item) => item.isSelected) .map((item) => item.jobDDId) }; return acc; }, { itemId: ”, jobIds: [] } ); Have you any idea please? Source: Angular Questions

By lona bin
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Angular – find in page content, highlight and jump to location in page (like in vscode)

Need to highlight the word that is been searched and jump to the word location(Next-Previous), without add tags like that exist here (ctrl+F) find in page content Source: Angular Questions

By afm7
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How can i see/find the number of angular components in my app, with IntelliJ IDE?

I would like to count the number of angular components with IntelliJ IDE. I used ‘find in files’ search tool with terms "export class" but it includes more than components files. Thanks =) Etienne. Source: Angular Questions

By EtienneU
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hi i am getting error in using find function in angular "cannot read property find of undefined

hi I am trying to display details of a particular id. the details are present in the global variable called ‘list’ of a service. the id I am getting through route parameters. the details I need to store in a variable named ‘editexpense’. here is my component . ngOnInit(): void { this.a_route.params.subscribe((params)=>this.expense_id=params.Expense_id); this.editexpense=this.expense_ser.list.find((expense)=>expense.Expense_id==this.expense_id) } Source: […]

By Sulo
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Create new array using 2 arrays with Map function in Angular

Is there an efficient way of creating a new array from 2 arrays? var employees1 = [ { id: 11, name: ‘joe’ }, { id: 12, name: ‘mike’ }, { id: 13, name: ‘mary’ }, { id: 14, name: ‘anne’ } ]; var employees2 = [ { id: 11, message: ‘test1’ }, { id: 12, […]

By obautista
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Creating array based on value – Angular 2

I’ve created list of devices where after user will click one of the devices then should appear another select box with variant of this devices. HTML: <div class="device" *ngFor="let p of selectedDevice;"> <img class="mx-auto d-block" src="assetsrepair{{p.imgValue}}.png"> <p>{{p.text}}</p> </div> <select class="custom-select" (change)="variants($"> <option class="text-center" value="1" selected>Choose device type</option> <option class="text-center" value="{{}}" *ngFor="let p of selectedDeviceDetails;" >{{p.type}}</option> […]

By Forey
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using lodash _find to return true or false

I’m trying to use lodash function to find if it satisfies the if statement. When the code has run the code which ‘return false’, it stills continue execute the _find function and did not return the result (boolean value) in the scope.onToggle. $scope.onToggle = function(disposition) { if (requiredFieldsEntered()===false){ // if return value from the function […]

By noob
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AngularJS how to use correctly _find function to return child item

I’m using lodash _find, to loop over an array, but what I can’t do, is when the conditions are met, I want to return a specific sub-element of the array. private getTaskForPersonAndDay(personalId: number, day: moment.Moment) { return _.find(this.tasks, a => a.personalId === personalId && === day.valueOf()); } and tasks is structured like this: export […]

By AJ989
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