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How to preview a file on electron and angular app

I am new to electron. I have an angular application wrapped in electron, i want to add a functionality of file preview preferably .yaml and json file Source: Angular Questions

By Suhaib
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How to use Electron-Angular with contextBridge

I’ve got an Electron/Angular/Sqlite app which is working fine. However, since Electron 14, the renderer can no longer access node related modules. Since the security announcement I’ve been trying to use contextBridge in preload.js, but to no avail. Tried every suggestion found on the web, but Angular keeps throwing issues: "global is not defined" or […]

By passerby
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SQL with Prisma under Electron

My Main goal is to create an Electron App (Windows) that locally stores data in an SQLite Database. And because of type safety I choose to use the Prisma framework instead of other SQLite Frameworks. I took this Electron Sample Project and now try to include Prisma. Depending on what I try different problems do […]

By Ruik
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How do I turn my Electron app into a webservice?

I wrote an Electron app (uses Angular) and I want to turn my app into an additional webservice as well. Of course it will not have all the perks of an Electron app, but that’s fine. I got the server part running and the service is now available at http://localhost:4200. When visiting, I receive the […]

By HelloWorld
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Get speaker output level in electron application

I am trying to get my laptop’s speaker level shown in my application. I am new to WebRTC and Web Audio API, so just wanted to confirm about the possibility of a feature. The application is an electron application and has a calling feature, so when the user at the other end of the call […]

How to store/retrieve localhost sessionId cookie in Angular running in Electron?

Background (Just a summary of what I’ve done and searched. It’s OK to skip reading 🙂 I’m working on a new project using Django 3.2 as backend and Angular 12 as frontend and Electron as the desktop wrapper. Django comes with its auth module which is based on sessionId. So when I call my login […]

How to get dist of NestJS production without importing node_modules?

Firstly, I am using angular-electron app, and I implement NestJS to build REST APIs. I implement all files correctly, and the app runs in dev mode with success In production mode , I did import node_modules of my NestJS app into Electron packaged app , and it worked with success, but the app size was […]

By Djamel Benbouzid
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Desktop application built with Angular and Electron shows Whitescreen after install

The whitescreen appears sometimes after the app is installed. It looks as if nothing has loaded, not even the titlebar (we are using a custom titlebar) and even toggling devtools does not work. Just a plain whitescreen. If I toggle the app from the taskbar (clicking the icon on the taskbar minimizes it, click again […]

By codealpha98
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Electron-dl download doesn’t work in packaged app

I am trying to use the Electron-dl package to have a file download feature in my Electron app, which is built using the Angular Electron template. The file download works perfectly when I run the app in development. However, after packaging the app on Windows 10, I find that the file download doesn’t work in […]

Web Application using Java Script Frameworks

How to make Application for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Web. Using TypeScript, Angular, React Electron. Source: Angular Questions

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