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Angular selected="selected" not working with [(ngModel)]

selected = "selected" is not working if used with [(ngModel)] Find the code below: HTML : <div> <select class="dropdownlist" [(ngModel)]="DeviceModel" name="GensetModel"> <option value="" selected="selected" disabled="disabled">test</option> <option *ngFor="let deviceModel of DeviceModelList" [value]="deviceModel"> {{deviceModel}} </option> </select> </div> <p>You selected: {{DeviceModel}}</p> TS : private _DeviceModel: string ; public get DeviceModel(): string { return this._DeviceModel; } public set DeviceModel(v: […]

By Pawar
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Dropdown floats over content while scrolling

The dropdown floats over content when open and the site is scrolled down or up. A telerik dropdown control is used. enter image description here It should stay under/over the dropdown-box. Why is this happening and how can I prevent it? And if I can’t prevent it, how can I close it when I start […]

By Damian Hug
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Manipulating one source list for several dropdowns

In an Angular App I am trying to create selection lists (or maybe dropdowns) which shall all have the same source list. When an item is selected in any of the dropdowns, it should not be available anymore in the source list. So when any of the other dropdowns is opened, this item should not […]

How to use the position relative in angular

i have this dropdown inside another one, but i want to put this second dropdown to the right, i’m trying use position relative like this in the scss .bloco2{ position: relative; margin-right: 200px; } but it remains in the same place, and the margin-top works <div ngbDropdown> <li ngbDropdownToggle> <a class="dropdown-item"> <i class="bi bi-box mx-2"></i> […]

Disable Data Change in Dropdown

I have multiple radio buttons and a dropdown. When the radio buttons are changed the values of the dropdown also gets changed. But on certain condition the dropdown is disabled. When the dropdown is disabled , I don’t want the dropdown values to be changed depending on the radio buttons ie whatever the value was […]

Displaying the property of the selected objects in an array in Angular

I am trying to display the id of the selected objects of the employee array which is a dropdown. export const employees = [ {‘name’:"Josh",’id’:"102A"}, {‘name’:"Sam",’id’:"598A"}, {‘name’:"Cal",’id’:"345A"}, {‘name’:"Elise",’id’:"66A"} ]; <app-dropdown [(ngModel)]="project.employees" [items]="employeesDropdownItems" [multiselect]="true" (ngModelChange)="onEmployeeChanged()" placeholder="Select employee" > </app-dropdown> {{}} doesn’t seem to work. Is there any other way to achieve this? Thanks! Source: Angular Questions

By NoobStackDeveloper
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How to get different hover-over values of each item in a drop down?

Say we are using angular2-multiselect-drop down. What would be the proper way to get different hover over values for different items in the drop down? In normal html, you have direct access to each element of the drop down list if you are hardcoding it, and you can set the style css for each item. […]

By compscihelp
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Angular Dynamic Formarray multiple dropdown selecting first dropdown affect another

trying to load two dropdowns,first dropdown load on page init and need to load the second dropdown on changing the first dropdown.the dropdown can be viewed as select category and corresponding item enter image description here I created 5 rows and changing the first dropdown affect all the second dropdowns,i only want to change the […]

By Akhil Sk
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Angular + Bootstrap dropdown close only on click outside

I’m currently trying to create a dropdown that does not close when I click any of its content inside the dropdown-menu. I can almost reach what I want if I just add a form tag containing the dropdown-menu, but when I click literally right on the img the dropdown closes. <div class="dropdown"> <button data-toggle="dropdown"> … […]

Looking for a way using NZ-ZORRO/Ant Design to make a multiselect dropdown that outputs bools

So im currently looking for a way to use a multiselect dropdown which outputs bools. This serves for attribuiting new roles to a new employee. I tried using select and treeselect but i couldn’t exactly figure it out because most If you have a NG-ZORRO/Ant Design way that would be great but i can take […]

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