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Products Pulled in from JSON not displaying in a grid

I am pulling in content from a JSON file to populate a grid of products for an eCommerce website I’m working on. when the data loads it displays all the products in 1 column or (1 row) instead of in a grid. All the CSS for this part of from default Bootstrap 4 values. I […]

By Adeyinka
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I have a table in which i have a column like in this photo (see photo) haw can i do with html css

I have a table in which I have a column like in this photo: How can I do with HTML/CSS Source: Angular Questions

By Boubaker Takwa
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AngularJS p-dropdown Placeholder Cutoff

I use these 2 p-dropdown to select Expiry data of creditcard. And inside is a placeholder text [Month] [Year] Is there a way to Full Display placeholder text without to mess with dropdown width or at least overall width of 2dropdown is the same (Curent: p-col-7 + p-col-5) Reduce Placeholder Textsize To Not Cut placeholder […]

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Angular document creator page breakpoints

I have an Agnular app which should function as a document (invoices etc…) creator. The whole idea is that I have a fix header and a footer to work with. I use CSS grid to make the basic layout. grid-template-rows: auto 1fr auto; grid-template-columns: 1fr; grid-template-areas: ‘top’ ‘data’ ‘foot’; My problem is this: Lets say […]

By M t Antal
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why my card doesn’t expand inside the carousel

I need to make my card expand when the mouse hovers over it and when the mouse leaves the card goes back to its original size, all inside a carousel. I even managed to get it to expand and go back to its original size. The problem is that when it expands, the card doesn’t […]

By user16592924
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how to do style a parent of a child using typescript

How to blur background when a button click? parent- class= "parent" child 1 – class = "child 1" child 2 – class = "child 2" I want to blur background when only click child 1 not child 2. How can i do blur background when clicking child 1 only using typescript? Source: Angular Questions

By hanushi
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Angularjs custom tri-state swtich toggle with material button inside layout problem

I’m a newbie, and I’m working on a old project made with angularjs :-). I’m trying to make a tri state button similar to materialjs switch , starting from an existing one called nz-toggle (, but I need to put 3 material buttons (left center right) with icons inside for ng-click events like this: […]

How i Do Click to Change CSS in Angular

I have a button/img in LI. I want to when clicked change css and text-decoration underline. Ts file : onSelect(i: number) { var element = document.getElementsByClassName(‘brand’)[i]; const elementClass = element.className; if (elementClass != ‘btn brand selected’) { this.renderer.addClass(element,’selected’); } else{ this.renderer.removeClass(element,’selected’); } } HTML file : <li class="nav-item" *ngFor="let brand of brands let i = […]

By MertcanDursun
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How to do backdrop-filter: blur(10px) to nb-context-menu Nebular Angular 11?

I want to do blur background of nb-context-menu. How can i do that? Can anyone give a solution? Source: Angular Questions

By hanushi
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PrimeNG 11 TieredMenu position over the image

I am using Angular 11 with Primeng 11 and using Tiered Menu. I have a scenario where I need to display the Tiered Menu when I hover the mouse on the image at a specific point (x, Y) and I am using an HTML Image map and area to draw my circle or polygon on […]

By Ragavan Rajan
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