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Using custom Angular component inside Contentful rich text renderer

I have a rich text element in Contentful that has an embedded entry within it. I am attempting to have that embedded entry render inside a custom Angular component. However, when I pass in options to the Contentful documentToHtmlString function, it displays the tag, but does not render anything or even trigger the console.log() function […]

By SDMitch
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I am not getting CDA access token for angular in contentfull

I am not getting CDA access token for angular. it is showing error after putting cda token “64 numberic and character string”. in contentfull Source: Angular Questions

By poc poc
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Angular + Jasmine: How to ignore/ mock one function in the tested component (not in a dependency)?

I know how to mock a function from a dependency, but now I have one function that is not in a dependency, it’s in the actual component that I want to test. How can I tell jasmine to simply ignore it? When I run ng test this test fails: The reason for this is this […]

By bwx--2
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Angular Jasmine + Contentful: How to Test a Contentful call?

I’m using Contentful to load text into my Angular Singel Page Application. It works fine but now I want to test it. The test should actually call Contentful and load the text of myPage from my space. Then I want to assert that an expected value (the title field of myPage) is not null. This […]

By bwx--2
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Chrome does not update the head tag when going to the next page in the same domain

I am running into an issue in Chrome on a webpage that I building. When I link from a page p1 -> p2, on certain links, chrome does not update the <head> tag including meta information, canonical tags etc. So p2 has the information of p1 in its <head>. Is that a common behavior which […]

Angular Error NG8001 – ‘ngx-contentful-rich-text’ is not a known element

I’m trying to use the following library to convert Contentful Rich Text Field to HTML with some custom renderers. For some reason, I am getting the following error which I surmise is somehow related to how I import the module above. I believe I am importing the NgxContentfulRichTextModule properly so I am not sure […]

By Daniel McIntyre
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