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(click) event not working on Chrome over select’s option – Angular 12

I have a select input and I need to send as argument the index of the iterable item, so using the (change) event over the select, doesn’t work for me. I mandatoryly have to use (click) event over the option tag, and it works on FF, but not works on chrome. Code: <select class="text-sm"> <option […]

By Oscar Morales
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How to fix ERROR Uncaught (in promise): Error: Cannot match any routes when clicking on row with navigation in Material Angular table?

A Material Angular table lists items (events as in "volunteering events"). Following, I implemented a function, "getEventDetail", meant to allow to navigate to a detail page when a row in the list table is clicked. But console returns the following message: "ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Cannot match any routes. URL Segment: ‘admin-events/details’" […]

How to disable click event after element’s drag and drop in angular?

Actually I bind animation states on the element on which I applied CDKdrag and drop. It automatically triggers animation state when an element is dropped. How to disable animation on drop? How to differentiate animation click event and drop element event codes—– typescript: //animation trigger("changebarChartSize",[ state("ZoomBarChart", style({ transform: "scaleX(1.7) scaleY(1.3) translate(335px,60px)", border: "2px solid grey", […]

Enable/Disable table row on Checkbox click

I am a newbie in angular and stuck in a situation where I need to disable the entire row on click of a checkbox. However, checkbox click event fires onclick and so it does disable the entire row but checkbox itself is not checked/uncheck Here is attempt click code freezeRow(event) { if ($(event.currentTarget).prop(‘checked’)) { $(event.currentTarget).closest(‘tbody’).find(‘.tblTextbox’).prop(‘checked’, […]

By Virender Thakur
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How to trigger click call from code in Safari

I need to trigger a file input control without showing the default file "Select" button. In Chrome, I am able to call and trigger the file finder dialog open. However, in Safari 14.1.1, the file dialog does not get popped up. The html snippet: <input #fileInput type="file" > In Angular component .ts file: @ViewChild("fileInput") […]

By Sunny
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module after the clinet click on the img but its not working

im trying to open a module after the clinet click on the img but its not working its taking me back to the front page an this is my code can anyone help me with angular_core__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_0_["ɵɵelementStart"](0, "img", 38); angular_core__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_0_["ɵɵlistener"]("click", function PropertyPageComponent_div_2_2_ng_template_0_Template_img_click_0_listener() { angular_core__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_0_"ɵɵrestoreView"; const ctx_r6 = angular_core__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_0_"ɵɵnextContext"; return ctx_r6.showFullImage(); }); Source: Angular Questions

By smart plugin
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How to trigger click event for datalist in angular

I am trying to trigger a click event on a datalist input field when clicked on another element in angular 9 but nothing seems to be working. I’ve tried native element, renderer2, dispatchEvent and nothing seems to be triggering the click event. here is the stack blitz example with sample code and here is […]

By Chaitu
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when using nebular stepper (nb-stepper) in angular, onClick event on the step does not work

html – <nb-stepper orientation="horizontal" [selectedIndex]="5"> <nb-step *ngFor="let w of weeks" [label]="w" [completed]="false" (click)="doSomthing($event)"> Source: Angular Questions

By shira d
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Angular click event updates variable but not javascript onclick method

I have the following setup: app.component.ts prop:string = ‘foo’; test(val){ this.prop = val; } app.component.html {{prop}} <button (click)="test(‘bar’)">Test</button> <a href="#" onclick="test(‘bar’); return false;">Test2</a> Both call test() successfully, and the ‘prop’ variable changes to ‘bar’. My question is why only the first (click) event updates the view whereas the second does not? I’ve also tried using […]

By milesholt
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Detect click outside of Angular application which runs in an iframe

I’m developing an Angular App which is embedded in a WordPress page. I’m using an iframe to embedd the Angular App into the Worpress page. Now I have modal dialogs in my Angular App which should be closed when clicking outside the dialogs. That works fine when the click happens outside the dialog and inside […]

By wrzr123
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