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How to export js_library to the build folder correctly with Gulp?

I have an app built with ionic and angular and a gulp file that should takes everything inside src/js and put it inside the www/js build folder. The problem is that it doesn’t take anything from the src/js. This is the code: var js_library = "./src/js/**/*.*" gulp.task(‘export_js_library’, function() { gulp.src(js_library) .pipe(gulp.dest(‘www/js/’)); }); Is my syntax […]

By Andrea D
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Angular issue: "Failed to compile. ERROR in Array buffer allocation failed"

I got the according error in Angular 9 at Windows environment: Failed to compile. ERROR in Array buffer allocation failed When run the project build it starts normally. The message rises when make a change and save the code to reload the app. I have tried to reinstall/update my NPM packages. search for more verbose […]

By dbonev
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npm audit on private npm registry

We have a private npm registry where all the npm packages we use are hosted. Since ‘npm audit’ doesnt work the way it does for npm registries, we replace the below highlighted url from our private registry to npm before doing ‘npm audit’. Now when I do ‘ng build –prod’ does it bundle the updated […]

By Santosh S Gowda
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Angular app – change API URL address after building the project in IIS server

I’m currently build an app in Angular, where I get some data from JSON file located on my IIS server. I’ve created proxy config file to have redirection in my Angular service to get data from my server. { "/api/*": { "target": "<My backend URL>", "secure": false, "logLevel": "debug", "changeOrigin": "true", "pathRewrite": {"^/api": ""} } […]

By Bartek Grabarczyk
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ionic cordova build android throws error: Project target does not exist

When I run ionic cordova build android, it throws this error: An unhandled exception occurred: Project target does not exist. I found this answer but it doesn’t work for me: Angular8 : ng run => 'Project target does not exist.' when using i18n I can’t find error in my project’s name, and I change angular.json. […]

Programmatically replace a variable value in script tag in html post build

After building an Angular application, my requirement is to create a copy of index.html and change a variable in that. How can that be done programmatically. One option ofcourse is to do a string replace but is there any other way by parsing the html. e.g. below is index.html with mode "Internal", i want to […]

By Suresh Nagar
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Unknown html tag mat-button etc. after ng build with Angular 12

Quite simple setup. I went: ng new test ng add @angular/material I can code as i could with basicly any previous ng-version but after building i see just "unkown tags" (material components). (It stays like that until I reinstall npm modules…) Npm ci, deleting nodes_modules, reinstalling ng or changing minor package versions didn’t help. I […]

By belzebubele
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уменьшение размера vendor angular [closed]

у меня проблема – нужно уменьшить размер vendor.js в angular app. Вот мой прод билд – node –max_old_space_size=3192 node_modules/@angular/cli/bin/ng build –configuration=dev –deploy-url=/html/ Я думаю использовать след шаги: пройтись по всем библиотекам и импортировать только нужные модули а не всю библиотеку. пройтись по документация angular, мб я опустил иные варианты билда при котором уменьшиться vendor.js Подскажите […]

By Maxim
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Module not found: Error: Resolving to directories is not possible with the exports field (request was ./)

I upgraded angular from v11 to v12. I am getting this error and I dont know why. there are no changes in build configuration or tsconfig. Source: Angular Questions

By Nabeel Hassan
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Angular Build: more than 3000 .js files

When I build my project with ng build –configuration production, I get more than 3000 files in my /dist folder. Roughtly 300 of them have the current time as the "Date modified": Interestingly, there is so many other files that do not even have 4 kb: Furthermore, those files have an older "Last modified" date […]

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