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Nonce support for Angular Application hosted in Azure as App Service

I am trying to get an Angular 12 application to production and struggling with adding a nonce to support an inline script (from a third party source). The third party script supports use of a nonce based a custom configuration on their end. The Content Security Policy (CSP) is defined as a meta tag in […]

By ickybyte
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TypeError: is not a function using blob.uploadStream

Used Package I am trying to upload a blob to the azure blob storage using blockBlobClient.uploadStream() However, the package throws this error: TypeError: is not a function at BlockBlobClient.uploadStream (Clients.js:1954) My code is: const blockBlobClient = sourceClient.getBlockBlobClient(blobName); const blockSize = 4 * 1024 * 1024; // the block size in the uploaded block blob […]

By Exitare
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Is there a sample example where AngularJS authentication is setup with Azure AD and Spring boot

We have two separate apps for both front-end written in AngularJS (from 5 years ago) and back-end in Spring boot which are deployed separately Is there a way of using Azure AD authentication with AngularJS front-end and Spring-boot back-end? Source: AngularJS Questions

How to deploy angular/springboot to azure?

I have an app that uses angular for the front end and spring boot/postgres for the back. It all builds to a single jar file. It works fine locally but now I want to deploy it to Azure. I have googled for hours on this topic but very little out there. I can deploy front […]

By humble
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Replace azure ad token with custom jwt token

We are having angular 11 app as frontend and .net 5(latest) api at backend. We are having 2 login options 1. With basic authentication using user details saved in our system with JWT token generation and 2. Azure Ad authentication. In our app during Azure Ad flow, we want to authenticate the 1st API call […]

By amol jadhav
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Logging a value from my Azure database to the console using Angular

I currently have a small problem. When I try to read an element of my database and log it to the console, it says the following : t {_isScalar: false, source: t, operator: O}. I use Microsoft azure’s SQL database. Here is the code I used to log the email: Function 1 (There is a problem […]

By Kass224
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Angular SSR configuration on Azure app service

I work with angular v10 SSR with .net core 3.1. Downloaded the sample code from here: and deployed to Azure Appservice. On azure Appservice Node.js run and start server/main.js. here is the result: My questions: Is the correct way of working like: first time load static files SSR and then switch to CSR? On […]

Msal interaction in progress error in at MsalService.acquireTokenRedirect if dont use MsalGuard

i am not getting issue for below route. { path: ”, component: HomeComponent, canActivate: [ MsalGuard ] } I am getting issue for below route without MsalGuard. Need alternate for using MsalGuard because i cant use guard { path: ”, component: HomeComponent } Source: Angular Questions

By user2569172
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How can I add custom Policy for forgot password and change phone number in azure msal?

Currently we are using @azure/msal-browser package for msal signin by passing this config and it works fine for signIn but now we need to add custom policy for forgot password and change phone no. But I didn’t able to find any way how to pass custom policy in config . Here is my current config […]

By Sahil Siddiqui
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Angular access to Azure Function with AAD authentification

I have an application with Angular in front and Azure Functions as Backend. For protecting the Frontend I use the official MSAL V2 library ( My Azure Function app should be also secured in this way. To achieve this, i followed the following tutorial: What I did? In short, I did the following: created […]

By Nico Schuck
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