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Static Angular App calling Azure Functions. Is it a security issue?

I have a node.js app which does authentication/authorization. I have an Azure Function which accepts auth token (validates and) executes the business logic behind (exposed through CORS). I have a static website with Angular app which redirects to node.js for auth, gets the token and calls Azure function (directly) with the same. For all subsequent […]

How can I add custom Policy for forgot password and change phone number in azure msal?

Currently we are using @azure/msal-browser package for msal signin by passing this config and it works fine for signIn but now we need to add custom policy for forgot password and change phone no. But I didn’t able to find any way how to pass custom policy in config . Here is my current config […]

By Sahil Siddiqui
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Angular access to Azure Function with AAD authentification

I have an application with Angular in front and Azure Functions as Backend. For protecting the Frontend I use the official MSAL V2 library ( My Azure Function app should be also secured in this way. To achieve this, i followed the following tutorial: What I did? In short, I did the following: created […]

By Nico Schuck
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Catching a status code in Angular returned by a C# Azure Functions API

I have an Azure Function that is supposed to update a record in the database. When an exception is thrown, I’d like to pass that along to the view so that the user is informed of the failure. This is my function: public static async Task<IActionResult> Run( [HttpTrigger(AuthorizationLevel.Anonymous, "post", Route = null)] HttpRequest request ) […]

By lock 0
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Azure Functions Custom Binding for ClaimsPrincipal / UserProfile

Is there a way to use custom entity to use Azure Functions with Azure Active Directory integration? I am trying to integrate a simple Angular App and azure function I assumed this would be very straight forward but it is not. At the moment with MSAL, Angular App is sending the Bearer token to azure […]

Export csv file using Azure functions nodejs

I am trying to export a csv file (pulling the data from mongodb). My frontend is ionic (angular) and backend is Azure function (nodejs), I want the frontend to be able to download this csv file. My code: const { db, connection } = await createMongoClient(); const collection = db.collection("dummy"); try { const data = […]

Azure Function Cors with AAD

I’m having a strange problem with CORs on my Azure Functions App I currently have an Azure Function App, that is secured by Azure Active Directory. This API the provides data to an authenticated SPA, written in Angular 7 and uses the MSAL (1.4.1) library for authentication. The SPA is hosted on an Azure Storage […]

By Chris A
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Angular with Azure Durable Functions => retryWhen for http response

I am trying to use Azure Functions form Angular 10 application. The trick is to hide the complexity of Azure function protocol behind single Observable. To call Azure function I need to do the following: Send POST request to the Azure function URL to start back office processing. In the response I get the URL […]

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