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How to make Graph API calls from Angular http://localhost:4200 port?

I have created one project in Angular. I need to GET/POST data from the SharePoint list. I have created Microsoft Graph API App to achieve the same. When I tried to GET/POST data in SharePoint list using Postman. It is working correctly. But when I integrate that code in Angular and run that project on […]

Is there a sample example where AngularJS authentication is setup with Azure AD and Spring boot

We have two separate apps for both front-end written in AngularJS (from 5 years ago) and back-end in Spring boot which are deployed separately Is there a way of using Azure AD authentication with AngularJS front-end and Spring-boot back-end? Source: AngularJS Questions

IONIC 6 Capacitor Android & iOS app and Azure AD auth open in external browser

I develop in Ionic 6 framework, Angular and Capacitor an App for Android & iOS. I would like to do authentication with Microsoft’s Azure AD without using Auth Connect module.I have integrated the example code at this link into my app: The app start with homepage and when I click on login button the […]

Azure AD (without OnPrem) authorization B2B with .NET Core / Angular app

I’m migrating a .NET core / Angular app from a hybrid OnPrem / Azure AD environment over to Azure AD only. I have a requirement to filter data for different groups of users – i.e. one group of users should not be able to access data that belongs to another group. At present the JWT […]

By Nick Goloborodko
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AngularJS with ASP.NET Web API and Azure AD Single SignOn using msal

I have an web api and angularjs(1.4.x) app and planning to use Azure AD for authentication and single sign on feature. Most of the examples are using ADAL, which is deprecated as per Microsoft. Can anyone share some examples of what changes need to be done in Web api and AngularJS app? Source: AngularJS […]

Why do I keep receiving error message when changing the URL in address bar of SPA – Azure AD

The following message is what I get when changing the URL manually in the address bar of a web browser: The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. I have no clue what’s wrong?… Source: Angular Questions

Get access token Azure AD using client_secret key (client credential flow) Angular application

Our client wants us to implement a trusted subsystem design, meaning they have their Azure AD (Client AD) to authorize the users for the frontend. And asked us to use our own Azure AD (Dev AD) to authorize the frontend to the backend. We managed authorization flow from Cliend AD (using angular-msal library) and there […]

How to silently redirecting the browser to the redirect Uri to avoid authentication pop up (AAD)

We are working on a project where we are authenticating users with Azure Active Directory. Upon the successful authentication, the user’s browsers receive an Id and Access token, and then we use the same access token to query other Microsoft products (Sharepoint, OneDrive, etc). We also have to authenticate our users with Elastic Search when […]

How to get token from url and clientId etc

I have registered my application in Azure, so I have tenantId, clientId etc. Now I can get the access token by the following code. const myUri = ‘’ + this.tenantId+ ‘oauth2/v2.0/authorize?clientId=’ + this.clientId + ‘redirect_uri=window.location.origin’ + ‘&response_type=id_token&response_mode=fragment&scope=openid&state=11111&nonce=123’;, ‘self’); Then in somewhere, we can get the access token by splitting urifragment from window.location.herf. But there […]

By Bigeyes
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Azure Functions Custom Binding for ClaimsPrincipal / UserProfile

Is there a way to use custom entity to use Azure Functions with Azure Active Directory integration? I am trying to integrate a simple Angular App and azure function I assumed this would be very straight forward but it is not. At the moment with MSAL, Angular App is sending the Bearer token to azure […]

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