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please i have tried many tutorial but i have problem to unit test this method in angular component can you help me please. login(): void { const userObject = { username: ” }; userObject.username = this.loginForm.value.username; JSON.stringify(this.loginForm.value); if (this.nameValidation(`enter code here`this.loginForm.value.username) === false) { alert(‘username INVALIDE’); } else if (this.nameValidation(this.loginForm.value.username) === true) { alert(‘Votre Pseudo […]

Why does Amplify/Cognito (in Angular) not force user to login screen upon token expiration?

I currently have Amplify installed in my Angular app for Auth. It is using an AWS cognito pool for its users. I followed all the steps from the docs here: Everything works great in that users can login, they are assigned a token and that token works for making backend API calls. My issue […]

Angular: If value not found after login, How to redirect user to logout page with alert?

I am trying to save user details in local storage so, when the user login and on the home page value i.e. username is not found user should be logout with alert and clear local storage too. but I have less clue how to do this using Angular? on the Home page, after login, I […]

By Utsav Upadhyay
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Angular SSO authentication using SAML with ADFS 3.0

We have a .Net application that is authenticating user with ADFS 3.0 using WS federation protocol. Once user logged in to this application, there is an option to launch to another app (being developed on Angular 11). Now we want to have seamless integration b/w .Net app and Angular app so that user doesn’t require […]

By andujd
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Angular use of tokens when writing/reading from firebase rules-protected data

The question: What is the model for using auth tokens to read/write from Firebase data? Long form question: I have successfully logged-in to Firebase and I have a set of auth token data in response to that login. I presume that when I do an http.get() or http.patch() to the Firebase document, I need to […]

By Paul Mullen
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Is there a way to create authentication using firebase Auth for linkedIn? If yes, can anyone explain? [duplicate]

Tried to understand custom auth, but still not clear. Any help would be helpful. Source: Angular Questions

By Vish
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How to ignore MsalModule v2 for mock

How can we ignore msal module for specific environment as the login page appears which we need to bypass or disable while in mock environment Source: Angular Questions

In my angular application we are using msal v2 authentication code flow for mock data testing we need to disable/skip login in mock environment

Earlier in our application we were using oauthidc for authentication implicit flow where we can mock token and bypass login but post implementation of msal v2 the mock is failing as the user is prompt for login. We need to bypass this login and test the mock data Source: Angular Questions

By Rahul Nambiar
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using django’s request.session with angular

I have a working Django app using session authentication. I am using request.user in my templates and views. I am also using several session variables like requst.session[‘some_variable’]. Currently I am using Django for my backend and as well as for my frontend i.e. html templates, staticfiles etc. Everything’s working fine. But I want to shift […]

By danish2694
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angular apache airflow authentication

There is a working application on apache airflow. Let’s call it appApAir This application uses apache airflow authentication On another server there is a web application written in Angular. Let’s call it appAng. How to make users who have been authorized on appApAir be able to get authorized access to appAng. Without re-authenticating Source: Angular […]

By Ruslan Moldabekov
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