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whats wrong with JSON converting?

I can not understand where is the mistake, if someone can me give advice, i will glad to accept.Thanks. i’m trying to send http post request to my .net core web api, and i getting such error: AddAirline() { debugger =; this.airLine.status = this.status; this.airLine.where = this.where; this.airLine.timeWhere = moment(this.timeWhere,"HH:mm").toDate(); this.airLine.from = this.from; […]

Deploy Angular+.Netcore API project on IIS

I am trying to deploy my project on IIS. I am developing frontend with angular on VSCode and ı am developing backend with core web api on Visual studio.I am following this tutorial: . I am sending request to But I am getting json data from this url service class getAnlikUSD():Observable<any[]>{ […]

By Rosa
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Upload video in .net core 3.1 api works fine locally but doesn’t work after deploy

Weird behavior after in .net core API I am trying to upload files (images and videos) it works just fine with images but when i try to upload video it always return error has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. and Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FAILED I […]

Angular with ASP.NET Core for web and mobile application [closed]

I need to develop enterprise application which will run on web browser and also it should be mobile App on android and IOS, Is Angular with Asp.Net Core do that. the application is like facebook or some eCommerce application. Source: Angular Questions

Existing .NET Core Web API deployment to AWS

We have an existing angular web app with .net core that we’ve just completed development on locally. After all the usual processes when we tried to go ahead with the web app deployment on AWS we’re having issues with it, in particular with .net core api. We looked at existing resources related to .NET Core […]

Post parameter from Angular to .Net 5 webapi are not sent

I have a .Net5 Webapi with a simple controller and a HttpPost-Action: [ApiController] [Route("[controller]")] public class UploadController : ControllerBase { [HttpPost] [Route("codeisvalid")] public bool CodeIsValid(string code) { return code == "dbddhkp"; } } I try to call that Action from within an Angular Component:<any>(http://localhost:29438/upload/codeisvalid’, { code: ‘wrongcode’}).subscribe(data => { this.codeIsValid=data; this.codeChecked=true; }); The action […]

By Ole Albers
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I have created an ASP.NET Core Web API with Visual Studio but the front-end is in Angular. How can I configure it?

The problem is how I can configure the Angular application while my backend work which is an ASP.NET Core Web API, created in Visual Studio and the frontend is Angular created in Visual Studio Code and just want to run the application but don’t know how. Source: Angular Questions

Data doesn’t appear on the chart.js bar chart when the page is opened (.NetCore API/Chart.js)

Charts are initiliazing with the Api fetch data in my project.Chart.js pie chart initiliaze with data when page is opened but bar chart is not. I need to click the legend labels.After that I can see the result. I couldn’t understand the problem. component.ts import { Component, OnDestroy, OnInit } from ‘@angular/core’; import { Data […]

Authentication Required dialog box keep on popping when windows credentials are needed

Server side: core 2.2 Client side: angular 8. OS: Windows server, IIS I’ve got a web-api server hosted on IIS, where both the anonymous and Windows authentication are enabled. In the Windows Authentication only NTLM is defined as provider. The application pool identity is using a domain user privilaged account. I’m using a JWT […]

Common reporting service or package for ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core and Angular

I have an application in ASP.NET MVC but I want to upgrade it to an ASP.NET Core Web API & Angular. I want a common reporting service that I can use for both ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core Web API. Source: Angular Questions

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