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Net Core 6 + Angular 13 = New Cors Policy?

I’m trying to adept Net Core 6 new rules and Microsoft new solution is not working. Postman works great but i couldnt get past Cors Policy barrier… Thanks. This is main documentation: My NetCore 3.1 codes are not working. using API.Data; using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore; var builder = WebApplication.CreateBuilder(args); // Add services to the container. builder.Services.AddDbContext<DataContext>(options […]

By Burak brahim nal
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VS 2022 ASP.Net Angular – File Not Found Errors

I created a new ASP.Net Core Angular project in Visual Studio 2022 using the VS new template. Once I built the application the first time which in its turn runs npm install I see errors under the Error List VS window (please see the image below). This is happening in one of my existing projects […]

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