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I want to get all issues from a project from Sentry api

enter code hereI want to show all the issues in an dashboard, which is made in Angular. so right now I have implemented my own Api with endpoints where I can get all kind of data from GitHub and so on. So I want to get all the issues from the last 24 hours and […]

By Frederik Hjorth
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I am getting undefine variable while assiging?

API CALL tmp:any; getData(){ this.api.getFiles().subscribe((res)=>{ console.log(res); this.tmp=res; }) } Here I am able to get data from Api when i use console to check response then it is showing correct result but when i assign it a variable and accessing variable showing undefined. Source: Angular Questions

By Vikash Mishra
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Getting the http post canceled when subscribing from a service

Stuck in this error for a week. Cannot send a simple post request to the heroku server using the Angular HttClient. Defined all the services in the provider section in the main app Module. The Error Handling service is not logging any error after sending the post request(This service works fine that i have tested […]

By Patrick Prakash
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How to send Array[File] to .net API

i have a problem, how can i send this array[File,File] to .net core api, i tried but always null when i debug in. enter image description here In .net api i debug: enter image description here enter image description here I use ngx-dropzone to upload multiple file in angular Source: Angular Questions

Type ‘Observable<ArrayBuffer>’ is not assignable to type ‘Observable<HttpResponse<User>>’

good evening, I’m trying to set up a authentication service and the login function keeps showing this error: Type ‘Observable’ is not assignable to type ‘Observable<HttpResponse>’. Type ‘ArrayBuffer’ is missing the following properties from type ‘HttpResponse’: body, type, clone, headers, and 4 more. function is as follows: login(user:User): Observable<HttpResponse<User>>{ return<User>(`${this.apiUrl}/login`, user, {observe: Response}); } […]

By Wael
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Consuming An endpoint API how to display chart and table in Angular

I have have a service in Angular, which calls data from an API. So when I am trying to display the chart and table but not any result. I’m using fusion chart. I need to know correct way to pass the data into views and bind in table view. Here’s what I have tries Service.ts […]

By Mike 123
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How to watch every API reponse in angular?

In my case, most of the time API returns some response like data or error, but sometimes request are sent to the server, but there is no response on longtime. I need to watch every API call after the request is sent, if no response from the server for up to 3 mins, then we […]

By Sathishkumar
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MongoDB geoJson Query to find distance between two points

background info: I have developed an API using Flask, and the dataset is football teams from the premier league 18-19 season, stored within MongoDB. I have also developed a frontend web-app using angular that fetches the data from the API and presents it. My issue: The teams collection looks like this:- { "_id" : ObjectId("619fc490ce1cd47befba0518"), […]

By rhys
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Angular Service Issue Type string | null

I have this issue with my angular code and by the way I’m using angular 13 for my application. the issue is with calling services I’m trying to call user api from the back end and all the time facing this issue. I searched a lot and try everything to make it work but without […]

By Mohamad J Alanbaki
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How to load table view with chart data in Angular

I have a chart view with backend api with table view. The chart is loading fine with data but table doesn’t get any view according to chart. Here’s my code and other references. app.component.html <div class="col-lg-3 col-xl-3 col-md-6 pt-1"> <button class="btn btn-primary mr-2 mb-3" (click)="generateGraph()">View</button> </div> <div class="chk-block-content widget-body"> <md-tab-group (selectChange)="onTabClick($event)"> <md-tab label="Graph" style="color: aliceblue"> […]

By Mike 123
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