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How to Use Firebase Analytics with Ionic

Since you might already use Firebase in your project, why not use the analytics functionality it provides in combination with Google? from Pocket via IFTTT

By lzo
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I’m beginning with Angular and just met a ngx-admin, What do you thing about this? from Pocket via IFTTT

By lzo
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How to use Angulartics2 with ApplicationInsights

We setup applicationinsights as explain official doc. We setup applicationInsights in app.component.ts constructor. We want to user Angulartics2 to managed google analitycs and applicationinsights. However, Angulartics2 needs appInsights to be global. By declaring appInsights inside of the constructor of app.component.ts, appInsights is not global. if we setup window[‘appInsights’] = new ApplicationInsights(….), everything works as expected. […]

By Seraf n
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Jenkins – Jasmine reporter doesn’t generate reports for protractor E2E tests

I want to put my tests on jenkins and generate reports through Jasmine reporter. The console shows succes but no report is generated . I tried to make a folder manually but nothing new . I tried using my local protractor.conf.js configuration , it worked but it doesn’t give a report that’s why I am […]

By clorzs
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How to resolve an error through build ionic app?

when i run ionic cordova build android i’ve got this error, but i’m confused what’s happen ? I didn’t do any changes. D8: Program type already present:$MyResultReceiver FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: Execution failed for task ‘:app:transformDexArchiveWithExternalLibsDexMergerForDebug’. > Error while merging dex archives: Learn how to resolve the […]

By Zeljk0
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My NgRx effects not working, nothing happend

I have problem with my NgRx effects. The application correctly adds to the store, unfortunately my effects with the request are not performed, i.e. at the time of launching the addition of a new car, add it to the store and that’s it. The problem is that there are no console logs from my effects, […]

By PawelC
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What is the difference betweeen (trigger) and (click) in Angular Dart Components?

I have found that some people are using (trigger) for binding click events on eg. <material-button> elements, while I was always using (click). What is the difference betwheen those 2 directives? <material-button (click)=”doStuff()”> <material-button (trigger)=”doStuff()”> to me those does exactly the same thing, but I can be wrong. Source: New feed Source Url What is […]

By Antoniossss
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sharing an http request call between tabs

I have multiple tabs in my ionic app. Two of those tabs currently make the same http get request. How do i make it such that the http request will be independent from those two tabs. I.e. When the http request is made but not finished and we switched to the other tab, the http […]

By tabuC
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angular test case failing to return the selected identifier

I have the below angular test case which is failing because setSlug was not run before the getSlug. In my table.component.html, I am not sure when to call setSlug function to make the below test case to pass. Please find the stackblitz code for more details it(‘should return slug on button click’, () => […]

By Madasu K
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Routing and Authorization in Angular 7

I try to implement standart JWT authorization with routing in Angular 7. The part of my app-routing.module.ts: { path: ”, component: MainComponent, canActivate: [AuthGuard] }, { path: ‘401’, component: UnauthorizeComponent } I also have auth.service.ts: const helper = new JwtHelperService(); const myRawToken = localStorage.getItem(‘token’); const isExpired = helper.isTokenExpired(myRawToken); @Injectable() export class AuthService { … public […]

By Anton Rodrigues
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