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Module Federation Angular multiple microfrontends from same remote host inject() must be called from an injection context MatCommonModule_Factory

I currently face an error in our microfrontendbased Angular 12 application using webpack 5 module federation. The error occurs when multiple microfrontends exposed from the same remote host. We follow the structure of a polyrepo. The remote applications are angular cli projects. The shell is a NX repository. Here is the webpack.config.js from the shell […]

get input values by there class

I have a following angular component ts with an ability to add dynamic fields to a form: import {Component, ElementRef, OnInit, ViewChild} from ‘@angular/core’; import {Buildcompany} from "../../models/buildcompany.model"; import {BuildcompanyService} from "../../services/buildcompany.service"; import { FormGroup, FormControl, FormArray, FormBuilder } from ‘@angular/forms’ @Component({ selector: ‘app-add-buildcompany’, templateUrl: ‘./add-buildcompany.component.html’, styleUrls: [‘./add-buildcompany.component.css’], }) export class AddBuildcompanyComponent implements OnInit { […]

By Bogdan Onyshenko
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define custom sorting prop in ngx-datatable

Hi I am following complete reference of for ngx-datatable wrapper. And here I stuck with sorting option. My data is like { Id: 1, CreatedBy: ‘2020-01-01’, DateCreated: { ….., value: ‘2020-01-01’ } } and I am passing column to wrapper from parent is like this.grid.columns = [ { name: "CreatedBy", prop: "CreatedBy", sorting: true, […]

By rajnesh
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Angular material table testing Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘sortChange’)

In my component grid I’ve got this code: @ViewChild(MatSort) sort!: MatSort; merge(this.sort.sortChange, when I run the test suite I’ve this error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘sortChange’) I tried fix it with component.sort = loader.getHarness(MatSortHarness); The code above give me the error Type ‘Promise’ is missing the following properties from type ‘MatSort’: sortables, […]

How to pass controls in parent component sent from child component?, check my code here app.component.html: <div [formGroup]="myform"> <h1>Good bye</h1> <child-component (guestData)="fetchGuestData($event)"></child-component> </div> app.component.ts: import { Component } from ‘@angular/core’; import { OnInit } from ‘@angular/core/src/metadata’; import { AbstractControl, FormArray, FormBuilder, FormControl, FormGroup, Validators, } from ‘@angular/forms’; @Component({ selector: ‘my-app’, templateUrl: ‘./app.component.html’, styleUrls: [‘./app.component.css’], }) export class AppComponent implements OnInit { myform: FormGroup; constructor(private fb: […]

By Parul
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How to decrease gap between xAxis and labels in amchart?

I am working with amchart v4, using with angular. I want to remove/reduce the default space between ‘x-axis line’ and ‘labels’ Space I want to remove is marked with red line in below image. I have gone through amchart documentation, could not find any working solution. Can anyone help me out in reducing/removing space between […]

By Kanhaiya Ji
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Change label dynamically in typescript

I have a function that takes in a string but depending on which type of file is coming in i want my html label to switch between each other ex: function changename(food: string){ if(food){ this.type = this.getcookiesobservable(food); this.type = this.getcakeobservable(); } } how would i get these two to swap and say "cookies" || "cakes" […]

By Holy panda
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Angular extraer imagen de un video [closed]

Que tal espero contar con su ayuda, estoy haciendo una plataforma de videos, al cargar el video y darle publicar, quiero que me genere una imagen aleatoria del video es decir obtenerlo a raiz del elemento video. Alguien sabe de alguna librería? o algun tip? QUisiera obtener la imagen del siguiente elemento Source: Angular […]

Angular Merge rows having same values in the first column

i am showing data into a table but some rows (in first columns) have the same value (item.check values ) so i want to merge them and show one value instead of multiple values on top of each other this is my code : <ng-container *ngFor="let item of"> <tr *ngIf="item.num | between:0:22"> <td >{{item.check}}</td> […]

By SpawN
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Openlayers: Once a layer is removed, new layers won’t be added to the map

I’m a beginner so i might be overlooking something very obvious here: So i have this function, which i call with a button click, to get the layers from the map and if they are either dataLayer2 or dataLayer3 they should be removed and then dataLayer1 should be added to the map. I have the […]

By J L
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