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HOw to create a PrimeNg horizontal bar chart from right to left

I’m trying to create a horizontal bar chart using PrimeNg which renders chart left to right by default. Is there any way to make the chart renders from right to left?? My Options for the chart is options = { tooltips: { callbacks: { label(tooltipItem, data) { const tooltipValue = data.datasets[tooltipItem.datasetIndex].data[tooltipItem.index]; return parseInt(tooltipValue, 10).toLocaleString(); }, […]

By Tom
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Angular material tab not showing while changing different navigation section

I just started learning angular. I have to build the below UI which has a nav section and each nav has different tabs. I am using angular material tab with single routing. Please find the dashboard design const routes: Routes = [ { path:’dashboard1′, component:DashboardOneComponent } { path:’dashboard2′, component:DashboardTwoComponent }, { path:’dashboard3′, component:DashboardThreeComponent }, […]

How to check if mat-sidenav is open or close in angular?

I’m trying to change the icon of mat-icon depending on close or open mat-sidenav but unable to find if sidenav is open or close below is my code <mat-sidenav appResponsiveMenu mode="side" opened> my menu items list </mat-sidenav> here is the toggle button <button mat-icon-button (click)="sidenav.toggle()"> <mat-icon *ngIf="sidenav">keyboard_arrow_left</mat-icon> <mat-icon *ngIf="!sidenav">keyboard_arrow_right</mat-icon> </button> .ts code @ViewChild(MatSidenav) sidenav!: MatSidenav; […]

By Atif Azad
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Angular Material Table- how to save data?

I have the basic angular material table. Is there any possibility to save the data which is displayed in the table (I mean to save every row of data) when you click a button? If yes, how can I do it? How can I get every row of data? I want to save every row […]

UI framework for angular 12 project

We are going to create new project on angular 12. I need suggestion to choose UI framework. We have options of bootstrap 5, angular material, and primeNg. I have done below research that Bootstrap 5 is a good for beginner developers, and responsive, but not useful to create any complex components. Developers has to do […]

How to deactivate Angular theming without uninstalling Angular Material?

I’ve been getting this in the console, and I feel like the application has been also somewhat slow… How do I get rid of this? Source: Angular Material Quesions

By franfonse
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Form field initiates with "required" error in Angular

I’m working with a form field that is required to the form, but when the page loads the field already starts with "required" error and it should appear only after the user type something or don’t. I’m using mat-error and validators in the form with Angular 12. Source: Angular Material Quesions

How to work with mat-paginator to work with several request instead of request all the data first?

I have a view in the project that retrieves all the information (json) we want to show in the mat-paginator, but the problem is that it is getting very slow because every day we have thousands of new rows in the list. The solution is to request each new range of data for every page […]

By Sabila2021
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Angular Material Datepicker – Select month first and then the year second

I’m working on an angular project and I was looking for a way to make the angular material datepicker change to select month first and then the year second (no needs day). This is my current code: example.component.ts import { of } from ‘rxjs’; public isMonthOpened = true; public chosenMonthHandler(normalizedMonth: moment.Moment, datepicker: MatDatepicker<moment.Moment>, dateFormControl: FormControl, […]

How to make mat-button fill the available space in a mat-grid-tile inside a mat-grid-list?

I am trying to create a simple grid of buttons for navigating to different pages inside my Angular 12 based web application. In the grid I want every button to consist of a square image and the page name written below that image. Here is an example of how I want this grid to look […]

By Chris
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