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AWS Codebuild for Angular Project is successful with build error

I am running an AWS CodePipeline building Angular project and shifting it to a S3-Bucket. Simplified buildspec looks like that: version: 0.2 phases: install: runtime-versions: nodejs: 10 pre_build: commands: – echo Building staging profile build: commands: – echo Entered the build phase for<mycoolbucket> … – cd db – npm install # Build in production […]

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CORS issue: Private AWS API Gateway(Private), invoking DynamoDB

Current architecture: DynamoDB -> API Gateway -> Angular Front End(EC2 in the same VPC) I am getting this error: Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘AWS API Gateway address’ from origin ‘EC2 address’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. I have Access-Control-Allow-Origin = ‘*’ on both the OPTIONS […]

Adding SSL to bitnami node.js aws lightsail creates CORS

I have a lightsail instance with bitnami & node j.s and an Angular client side. As long as it was http everything worked fine. Before publishing I went ahead and installed SSL using the bitnami tool – and it looks fine http is redirected to https. BUT now trying to call my API’s i get […]

Issues in uploading multiple files to S3 bucket using javascript

Hi everyone I want to upload multiple files to Aws S3 using javascript sdk, I am using AngularJs, I have written the code for uploading single file and that’s working fine but the issue I am getting is :- 1). I need to loop through all the files and upload the files one-by-one. 2). I […]

Is it possible to deploy an Angular app in many languages to AWS Amplify?

I want to have an Angular app translated into many languages for internationalization (i18n). Angular has a built-in i18n module that allows you to build your app into specific locales and languages. But this approach requires you to build a new app for each language. So for English, I must build an app, for Chinese […]

Restart Angular + Node js Application on server after rebooting server

My Application developed using Angular + NodeJS APi. Recently I restart AWS EC2 instance after rebooting my application is not working. I have check all the thing but nothing happened. I have serve node application using PM2 but no Idea how to start angular distribution folder Source: Angular Questions

Angular – How to grab query params from redirect url

I have an Angular application and I’m trying to implement the OAuth flow using AWS Cognito. After using the Cognito UI to log the user in I get redirected to my Angular application and the redirect URL contains a token I need to grab. The redirect URL looks like this: http://localhost/redirect?code=123. However this redirect url […]

how to add custom meta data to presigned post s3 upload?

I have been looking at the docs and from what I gather from aws s3 docs is to add custom meta data add custom fields that start with x-amz-meta- so if i wanted to add a user meta data object which value is 3 it would be x-amz-meta-user : 3 in practice in my formData […]

Use local dependecy on AWS CodeBuild for Angular Project

I have a build project on CodeBuild, problem is one of the dependencies of the project is located on the build machine, for example mine. The package.json part where the dependency is: "company-kit": "file:../../company-kit/releases", When we try to build the log return is this: ‘source error TS2307: Cannot find module’ ‘company-kit’. ‘source error TS2307: Cannot […]

How to decide the node and tiers in Appdynamics

I am new to AppDynamics to I am confused how to decide about node and tiers My application is using : Angular JS and TypeScript : Frontend fastapi : Backend AWS EKS cluster and S3 bucket and CloudFront : for frontend and backend deployment I am also using some Data-Management-Platform APIs and SNOW APIs I […]

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