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how to read image saved on s3 bucket using Angular 12?

I am able to save a jpeg image on s3 bucket. Now i want to view the saved image in Angular application for verification. I am using this code. const params = { Bucket: bucketName, Key: `${folderName}/${fileName}` }; this.bucket.getObject(params, function (err, data) { if (err) { console.error(err); } else { console.log(data); } }); this works […]

By yog
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Host Angular app to AWS S3 not working on IOS

I deployed an Angular app on AWS. The website is working on windows, and macbook, but it is not working on iphone. When I open the website from iphone, sometimes it gives me a blank page, and sometimes it gives me a message "The web page is blocked." I already updated Angular to version 12 […]

Angular 10+ and AWS S3 refresh without having a hash

I’ve seen many questions here that address this but using an apache server, for my application, I’m using AWS S3 with Cloudfront, I need the application to work without the ugly hash on the URL. Is there any approach that can be done to be able to refresh, or hit links directly without using the […]

Element implicitly has an ‘any’ type because expression of type ‘"logo"’ can’t be used to index type ‘Object’ in Angular

The problem is located on my app.component.ts, on line res[‘logo’] The error says: Element implicitly has an ‘any’ type because expression of type ‘"logo"’ can’t be used to index type ‘Object’. Property ‘logo’ does not exist on type ‘Object’.ts(7053) What does this error means? and why I’m having a problem. app.component.html (part of code): <form […]

By Jennifer Lacaste
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Pass data from first operator in a pipe into two custom operators?

I recently took over an Angular codebase with no access to the previous dev and am struggling to understand some of the RxJS used. There is currently a 2 step file upload process that I would like to basically replicate for the upload of streamable video. The upload process makes a request to the API […]

By Mahdi Aleali
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Issues in uploading multiple files to S3 bucket using javascript

Hi everyone I want to upload multiple files to Aws S3 using javascript sdk, I am using AngularJs, I have written the code for uploading single file and that’s working fine but the issue I am getting is :- 1). I need to loop through all the files and upload the files one-by-one. 2). I […]

Static websites content are not reflecting immediately after files are updated in S3 bucket

I have created a S3 bucket in AWS and added my Angular projects dist folder into it. On this S3 bucket, I have enabled Static Website and grant public access to all my files. So by this, I can access my Angular projects front end using this configured S3 url. Problem is: Whenever I upload […]

By Oxygen
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how to add custom meta data to presigned post s3 upload?

I have been looking at the docs and from what I gather from aws s3 docs is to add custom meta data add custom fields that start with x-amz-meta- so if i wanted to add a user meta data object which value is 3 it would be x-amz-meta-user : 3 in practice in my formData […]

Okta login page goes to infinite loop after user authentication

like this My Angular app integrated Okta access and user management API. The application backend is hosted in AWS Beanstaik and front end angular app is hosted S3. I checked the network response by chrome dev tools and I got this {"expiresAt":"2021-09-03T02:59:39.000Z","status":"SUCCESS","sessionToken":"20111F_ApSDB7zPMeay5y2V4nG8yUlU0i4ICgHyAOMYvc5Miq743wse","_embedded":{"user":{"id":"00ubopju1CRuT02ji5d6","passwordChanged":"2021-03-13T22:58:33.000Z","profile":{"login":"[email protected]","firstName":"Mohammed","lastName":"Samsuddin","locale":"en","timeZone":"America/Los_Angeles"}}},"_links":{"cancel":{"href":"","hints":{"allow":["POST"]}}}} Source: Angular Questions

Download multiple files in angular using s3 presigned urls

In my applicaton i have a list of s3 presigned urls and i download them ion click of a button but it creates multiple tabs . Can it be done in one tab. Also I dont want to refresh my page as it sends user to home page Source: Angular Questions

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