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Telerik Grid arbitrary fields

I need to be albe to edit multiple values in a grid Say "Type" is a combo "Size" is a float "Name" is a string I need "Type", "Size", "Name" in the first column; and in the second I need a dropdown (Type), then a numeric editor (Size) and finally a text editor for the […]

By Serge
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Angular Date Pipe en-NZ

I am using the angular date picker and have set the locale to en-NZ in the app module like so. { provide: LOCALE_ID, deps: [LocaleService], //some service handling global settings useFactory: (LocaleService: { locale: string; }) => LocaleService.locale }, I am using the shortDateFromat but angular date pipe is not formating to the correct locale. […]

By Joe
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After populating the object I want to use the fields to get data for a other object

I have populated my object Contract when using the debugger I can see it has populated the object. But later when I want to use the objects fields but it is undefined. I do not understand why this is the case. Here is the line in question where contract is undefined. console.log("test id contract client" […]

By Junior Cortenbach
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document.ActiveElement always returns body Angular

So what was happening is like the title says. On (focusout) when I called a method that checks if an element is an document.activeElement (focused), I was always getting the body as a result. Only if I click on another window/inspector tools I was getting a correct result when doing a console.log which was in […]

By ToneyPK
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Edit Form Dialog Not Prepopulating

I am using Angular 11 and Ionic as my UI library. The issue that I’m having is that I created an upsert dialog component and while the edit form returns the correct value when I get the value manually from the console, the selected item is not reflected in the UI when I pass it […]

By David
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